Ivory fangs (Ch.18)

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It been a long journey IF fans. It ends here...at least until book two. :P I hope you like th conclusion...its a bit shor, but :/ I was trying to finish it before the first phase of the Watty Awards as a rule. I hope you like it and I'm gonna be taking a break from IF for a while. I still have Evolve to work on.....and my new book Angelblood. I pray that you'll love this final chapter and if you do, please spread this around.

Keey your fangs sharp guys


“And so I pass over the torch, returning it to the family, Miyazaki. I apologize and acknowledge that I over stepped my bounds by ousting the family and declaring them bloodtraitors.” The long convoluted speech had been going on for upwards from an hour now. Dominik really wanted that pendant, Xia thought, it was a pity he’d never receive the polished piece of stone. This man was a disgusting snake Xia knew, and the only way to deal with his kind was to treat him the same, lie and cheat.

Xia stood up and looked over her people, her subjects, Vampires. The court of Vampir was located in various places throughout America, but the main court was located in Helena, Montana, or rather a suburb outside of Helena. She was at the main court in a large stadium building. It was filled with large cathedral like ceilings, long polished floors, a raised dais and thousands of excited vampires.

Alexia Miyazaki stood ready to accept the crown that lingered in mid-air between them in Dominik's out stretched hands. A man, her family’s personal servant, darted in front of her to grasp the shining piece of molded gold and lightly set it upon her highlighted head. She instantly felt the force of power that was vested within the crown causing her to stand straighter, and her hair to shine like polished silver.

She felt the weight of the crown transform, morphing into a more suitable and conservative form that would please its new owner. It was a simple white gold comb with diamonds in the hilt. Dominik backed away, letting the newly re-crowned monarch have her moment as if he could have stopped her if he wanted to. No, he had formally acknowledged that he was under no compulsion and made an error in “taking” the crown from its rightful owner.  Xia stepped up to the microphone looking out across the stage into the faces of her subjects, her family, her people. They were just as nervous as she was after exiling her and her family. She knew that it was popularly believed that the monarchs could bend anyone under their rank to their will by the authority of the crown, which was true of course, but she would never have done this.

Xia didn’t expect to be welcomed with a standing ovation, but this was ridiculous. It was more desolate in this one large room of thousands of hungry vampires than it had been at Blackwood high in detention. “My people”, she intoned, her voice magnified by the microphone and prevented from shaking by the crown’s magic, “I have returned to you. In accordance with an arrangement made with Dominik, he has become the new guardian of the necklace.” The crowd gasped. The transfer of such a sacred item is never passed outside of the royal line, it’s a definite no-no and here she was doing it anyway. Xia unclasped the cord of leather at her neck and allowed the ring of obsidian and gold to fall into her hand. She smiled and handed him the cord of leather.

“Dominik—no last name”, she cooed, “As I have promised on your blood and mine here is the necklace of my ancestors and have altered the wards on it to encompass you so that you may wear it. Guard it well.” Dominik was so heated he couldn’t speak. His voice almost shook the room when he finally did speak, much to the alarm of the guards on the stage mere feet from Xia. “You, lied to me,” he shouted with conviction. “No commoner, you allowed yourself to be deceived. I am princess regent, and my word is law. By the blood of my ancestors, this is truth!” Xia had gotten wise in the years she spent on the run.

“By the law of Queen Arianna, 83rd to hold my position, you—in accusing the crown of not upholding the justice that is deserved by the court, a blood trial must be held to determine the guilty party. A member of the royal family who is under no oath—Logan shall do fine will conduct it and decide the guilty party. The penalty shall be death.” She had a Cheshire cat smile, “Unless of course you believe that such a thing is unnecessary.”

Dominik growled low in his throat, but Xia maintained her air of dignity and authority. “No, highness,” he got out before snapping.

“That’s Majesty,” someone in the crowd snapped.

Dominik whirled to see no other than Logan standing just at the foot of the dais.

“Dominik—As your majesty and liege lady, I sentence you to fifty years in the light pit where you will be pinned to the floor by quartz stakes where the sun will pass over you each day and burn you and each night you shall heal. You will be fed blood in the evenings and cut at the neck and wrists at midnight. You will be fed rats blood for thirty years and for ten years of your choice you will have no blood after which you will be given human blood for five years and pigs blood for five years. I have spoken so shall it be written so shall it be done.”

A surprising and rousing cheer rose. “Hail Princess Alexia!”

Dominik spat at her feet, ripped the cord from his neck and tried to run at her. Xia smirked wanly as guards swarmed the traitor. He was grabbed by the wrists and dragged spouting profanities she hadn’t even heard until someone stuffed a particularly stained pair of underwear—men’s—into his mouth. She tried not to laugh, or hurl.

Then it happened the stadium was shook by an unseen force. The ceiling began to give way and fall. Logan rushed towards his sister and barely made it to the stage before Dominik snatched him taking his chance and running towards the door over the tripping Vampires. Rogan, the captain of her guard was on her right side shouting obscenities at his officers, “The boy! Get the damn boy!”

Dominik ran out of the court without a word or glance. Logan’s screams couldn’t even be heard over the cacophony of vampires falling into the chairs and off rows. The sound of the earth opening up was barely enough to cause her to snap out of the stupor. Rogan lifted her on to his back like a six-year-old and dashed in the opposite direction. Xia felt her eyes watering and she began to scream loudly for her little brother. “I apologize, Majesty,” Rogan said, leaping out of a hole in the building’s roof several hundred feet above the dais. Then the fled into the distance looking back at the stadium where red words were scrawled across the silver top:

 Die Blood, Sucker Die.

—The coven, Obsidianite Supernaturalis

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