Ivory Fangs (Ch.8)

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Srry its taken a whole week...or is it a week and a half? any way i wanna thank all of my fans, WP friends and all the great ideas especially the ones about Vamps and ...some other things. This chapter will reveal alot, and the next one will be a bomb, i promise. I hope to have it finished by monday and submitted by maybe wed? Hope u guys love it and as always...any ideas go to rikahs19@gmail.com. Remember,

Pure Ivory may be beautiful…

And it may give you protection…

Just remember it shares Obsidian, Ebony and Onyx’s insurrections

Two halves of the same pendant…

Don’t fall for Vang deceptions


The car swerved quickly down the pacific highway taking a shortcut to get to the house that held all the answers. Vlad made a mental checklist of all of the questions he expected to have answered. Once the Porsche pulled into the driveway of Xia’s black house, he immediately recognized it. It had assorted items on the porch, just like the last time he saw it. He smiled to himself thinking about the time he kissed Xia on that porch. His smile faded as he remembered the rest of that night. The handler parked inside of the driveway and opened the door for Lexi, and then Xia and Vlad pulled himself out.

Lexi leapt across the threshold to get into the house. Xia strode with pride while leading Vlad by the hand into the home. Kara walked behind them herding them like a shepherd herd’s sheep. When Vlad got inside of the large home a portrait greeted him. It was a portrait of a woman, the exact woman he saw on his wall all those months ago, painted in blood. Vlad now knew where he recognized the woman; she bore a remarkable resemblance to both Xia and Lexi. Vlad tensed upon realizing this.

The woman was somehow related to the twins. Lexi walked down the leading them further into the living room where a larger scale portrait of the woman was hanging over a blazing fire place. Xia ploped down in a black easy chair, Lexi lounged on a black sofa, waving her shoes in the air.

"I want answers now" Vlad demanded, sitting on a coffee table next to Xia. Lexi closed her eyes and turned towards her sister. Xia nodded as if to telepathically tell her sister ‘go ahead and tell him’. Lexi nodded in response, confusing Vlad as to how she could have known Xia nodded to her.

"In the beginning, my people roamed the earth with your people. We were one in the same, we were Humans. We lived as humans did, we loved as humans loved, we were curious just as humans were. Then one day a young girl was born who had heightened abilities, better sight, scent and hearing, then more and more were born, some thought it was evolution some thought it was a gift, a blessing from God. The children were beheld as Gods come to earth and saviors. The fact that they were living hundreds of years and millennia on end, didn't help the case of the elders who told them, the humans, that they were not gods. Until a few generations later no one believed them. The younger generation slowly began to die, starvation was the culprit. The humans, the greatest scientists, the alchemists searched but couldn't find a cure to the disease. So around the age of 16 the youth slowly began to die of starvation each generation got more and more desperate for a cure, because you see the disease caused women to become infertile. One day a young woman around the age of 16, whose name is known as Zahara, was passing through a desert forest, and she happened upon a man who was dying. He had been stabbed by robber. The smell of liquid pouring from his veins was intoxicating; she walked to him and knelt down next to him. "Before I die promise me you'll take some of me with you. I don't wish to be forgotten, please", he asked. The man had no possessions so he offered her the only thing he could, his lifeblood, and his true name. "

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