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Our Stupid Hearts by erzaaa78
Our Stupid Heartsby Miss Kyot
[Unpublished - Editing] "Masaya ako kapag nand'yan ka, kahit na hindi ako 'yong dahilan ng ngiti mo. Minsan, masakit din pero kaya naman. It's unfair that I could h...
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Sweet Tea by xiaxiong
Sweet Teaby Xia
A man in red robes rode past the carriage and the procession. She closed the curtain and put her veil back on. Sigh...Her wedding is not going to have a groom. What a...
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Lego Ninjago Movie OC Insert by GeekyGirl183
Lego Ninjago Movie OC Insertby Karla
(Shout out to LouTheStarSpeaker on Fanfiction.Net for the awesome description entry) It's Lloyd's job to protect a city that hates him from a father that can't even pron...
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Open Wounds (Xia Brookside x OC fanfic) by Dario_Ivanovski
Open Wounds (Xia Brookside x OC fa...by Dario Ivanovski
Lorenzo Aichner aka Balthazar Salieri is better known as Fabian Aichner's younger brother and one of the most well known European wrestlers in the Indies, he competed on...
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Best manga's by lilyblood16
Best manga'sby lilyblood16
some of the best manga's I have ever read
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accidentally in love | fangyang by trixiejimin
accidentally in love | fangyangby hina
So I just finished watching a romantic-comedy chinese drama called "Accidentally in Love" and I'm here writing one-shots on my favourite couple/ship from the c...
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The Second Master of Wind by GeekyGirl183
The Second Master of Windby Karla
(Takes place after Season 5 with an epilogue that takes place at the end of the DOTD special) The ninjas face an old slithery enemy when he returns to claim what was tho...
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Secret Feelings (LycaGairanod And SamShoaf) by maylasa65
Secret Feelings (LycaGairanod And...by maylasa65
Hanggang Kailan mo itatago ang secret feelings mo sa bestfriend mo? Hindi mo alam na may secret feelings din pala sya para sayo!! Pls. Supportahan nyo po sana itong sto...
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One Night and Two Heir by jubeeey
One Night and Two Heirby jubeeey
Phoebe was a shy virgin when she and the handsome stranger shared a night of passion. Weeks later Phoebe finds herself pregnant and decides keep and raise the baby alone...
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ZL by xFeAr13
ZLby Ryu Jin
I don't own this story, the credit go to the Author, Shi Luo Ye Li Xiao Yao left S.W.A.T to become an ordinary security guard. While working, he happened to enter the VI...
I want a perfect Man (I want a Perfect love relationship) by clarejane30
I want a perfect Man (I want a Per...by ms.dimples
Perfect timing siya iibig, perfect man ang kanyang iibigin, at perfect love relationship ang pangarap niyang relasyon. Iyan ang isinumpa ni Xia na mangyayari sa kanyang...
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When we met again by healer2heartkeeper
When we met againby healer2heartkeeper
another advance bravely fanfic This story starts where the drama ends. there is lot of angst in the beginning but has a good ending or so I believe.. the characters are...
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Montefalcon Series: Zach's Obsession by Xai_Xia
Montefalcon Series: Zach's Obsessi...by Xai Montefalcon
This is a work of fiction, names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitous manner...
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A messy dream(Or was it a dream??) by healer2heartkeeper
A messy dream(Or was it a dream??)by healer2heartkeeper
An advance bravely fanfic. If you wanna fight with the person you like, fight on a bed. That may lead to miracles😁 These characters are not mine. They rightfully belo...
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HOW TO LOVE YOU (ONE SHOT) (XIAH F...by Emerheliena
Sometimes loving someone means letting go, but letting go doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need to forget. It just means giving some space in order for the other p...
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He changed for someone by XiaXiang31
He changed for someoneby XiaXiang31
This story is about the boy who changed for someone. He changed from badboy to gentleman, from chixboy to loyal one, and from masungit at mayabang to mabait. Hello re...
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The Xia Stories [PDF] by Bonnie Shao by lymabocy93706
The Xia Stories [PDF] by Bonnie Sh...by lymabocy93706
Read The Xia Stories PDF by Bonnie Shao Mulberry Books Listen to The Xia Stories: Once in a Lifetime audiobook by Bonnie Shao Read Online The Xia Stories: Once in a Life...
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