Ivory Fangs: The Prologue

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Alexia Miyazaki stepped out of the diner into the cool Seattle air. It had been a good saturday, and a much needed vacation from the stress of high school life. Her day had been great, a manicure at 11, a feeding at 12 and movies until 6, life was good when you could make people do anything you want, and being a royal didn't hurt. The night was cold and the cool breeze caressed her skin so lightly it was almost as if an invisible boy was kissing her. The city was humming with prime time noise as, kids went home, traffic exploded and clubs began to open. The city was alive, vibrant even.

Xia took a cab to the mall, which was just seconds away, if she decided to run, but she knew that would tip them off, and they would be carted back to the court, or worse the dungeon as political prisoners. The cabbie let her out a block from the mall, surely she could walk that.  Xia tipped the cabbie with a smile and a twenty when he proclaimed, "$8.75, thank you come again."

Once agin stepping into the cool air, Xia walked down the asphalt to an intersection. Then passing a store window, she saw her reflection, and more importantly an man behind her with a gun to her back.

"You're coming with me", he told her.

Xia impassively went where the man led her, into a closed pawnshop. "That's a pretty piece of jewelry you're wearing there miss."

The man was white, dumb, creepy, and big, definitely the mugger stereotype. He was about 6"2 and bald. He had vodka breath and the face of a alcoholic beaver. He was wearing some off brand jeans and a white tank top, which revealed way too much.

Xia reached up to touch the black ring dangling at her neck. The whole ring, she recalled was carved from twin strands of swirling obsidian and black diamond, with a light speckling of gold.

Xia's mind rattled off a lie. "Yea, it's totally fake, but at least I got something to remember grandma by..."

The man, upset by the lack o worth of the necklace push her against the wall. "You're kinda cute, why don'tcha take off your shirt."

Xia chuckled, "all you men are so single minded, human or not." The man grinned widely when she took her shirt off exposing a white bra. He put his gun down and walked closer. Xia was deciding where to draw the line.

"You really don't want to do this", she told him. "Shut up!", he exclaimed eyeing her cleavage. The man, Xia decided to call him Assface in her mind, reached around her to unclasp her bra. That's where she decided to draw the line.

Xia Felt pity for poor Assface. A stupid man who couldn't take hints, it even surprised her he was brave enough to order her around, back home he would have been slaughtered for raising his voice.

Xia grabbed him, her hand clasping his wrist with such force that it loudly cracked. Assface fell to the floor whining to himself, wondering how a highschool girl could snap his wrist, the same wrist that he had been using to pump iron for years. The gun was flung under a big desk to her left. He reached for it with her good hand, but Xia rolled her eyes, and stomped down hard, her black stilettos digging deep into his hand.

“You bitch!” he screamed in terror, her eyes glinting a cold white her iris flickering between white and silver.

“I am called many things.”

“What do you want with me now, huh? I ain’t got no money for you!"

Xia smiled a cold smile. She picked up the gun limply, "men and their toys. Maybe I should show you what three years in marksman training can get as opposed to twenty minutes mugging."

The man's eyes began to well up. "No!", he wept. Alexia smirked, “Money isn’t what I want.”

“What the hell do you want then girl?”

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