Ivory Fangs (Ch. 9)

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“Are you awake bro?” Vlad opened his eyes, but he could only see darkness. His head throbbed something terrible, and he was pretty sure his right arm was cut, because he was feeling a slow warm rip flowing down it. It’s a shame, he hadn’t had time to throw that knife, and the entire situation probably would have gone in in completely different direction.

Vlad had been tossed into a cold, damp metal place that rocked back and forth and smelled like Pike’s Place in downtown Seattle along with a few other kids and what sounded like a few rats. God he liked the smell of Pier 39 in San Francisco, and Pikes place in Seattle, but there was only so much ocean smell one teen could take. He felt like he was going into sensory overload, he remembered what Xia had told him while explaining Vampires to him, they had extreme senses. Vlad started to wonder if he had been sired, isn’t that what it was called? He was sure he had seen enough buffy the vampire slayed episodes and Charmed episode to know at least some of the lingo if it had any truth to it.

“Hey kid, are you awake?” came the pubescent voice. It definitely belonged to a boy, who had to be around his age.

Vlad groaned loudly. “I am so jacked up. I am hurting, everywhere.”

“That’s how it is for everyone. I hope you're not easily hurt. Where we’re going, pain is the currency and blood is your ticket to freedom”, came a new voice, a high feminine, slightly musical voice.

God, whoever that girl is, she has gotta be one of those morbid Goth chicks. There is no one else on earth who talks about death so freely, and from someone who died, I am pretty freaking sure that girl would be scared shitless.

“Where exactly are we going?” Vlad inquired. 

“The Midnight Market.”


The twins and Logan had woken up twenty minutes after their brief encounter with the dart guns. They had built up a high resistance to those ‘nasty toys’, as Lexi liked to call them. The Midnight Congress must be stepping up their game if they hired low life rogue wolves to capture them. Xia was almost sure they could, with their combined abilities, escape from these idiots. The only thing that truly worried her was the fact that she couldn’t get to Vlad. He was all alone in the middle of the Obsidian Circle.


Vlad had been in worse situations, well that technically wasn't true but he had been and some pretty bad ones. The damp drip drip drip of the water was driving him insane not to mention the fact that he was probably 1000 miles away from Xia. She was a princess, how could he have been so stupid. He just let them take her it was all his fault. There was nothing she could do because he was trapped in a freaking cell.

The cell was probably standard prisoner of war issue. It was about the length of his closet at home, which was maybe slightly less than 10 feet and the sale was approximately 5 feet across. It was stainless steel, which must've been unusual for cages because everyone else in the room was and black iron cages, some of them were even rusted. Calling them cages wasn't completely accurate, those more like he was in a penitentiary type room, which with his black ancestry was kind of tragically ironic. His ancestors had been in cages just like these under completely different circumstances, but he was sure that their demise was probably going to be similarly gory.

He had heard the screams since he had been taken off of the metal crates that they put on ships, apparently he had been in the Port of Seattle for a little while, and then the Port of Oakland, followed by the blackness where he was blacked out then he was hauled into a U-Haul with about 12 other kids. It scared the crap out of him.

The screams came probably several times an hour, as he wondered what that hell they did in the Midnight Market. A rattle came to his cell door, while he was finishing his sit-ups; he had to do something to keep occupied.

"Your turn. Let's hope you lasted longer than the last one tested" came a burly voice. The mountain of a man who wrapped Vlad by the net he picked them up and threw him out of the cell. The two men behind him who Vlad hadn't seen grabbed him and put a set over his head, it smelled of blood and sweat, just like a cheap hotel.

After another 20 minutes Vlad had gone down stairs, walk through puddles, and had survived various verbal abuses. He heard the roar of the crowd cheering ‘Midnight Market’ they cheered   . An announcer's voice boomed over the crowd it was a shame, because he knew that this could not be good, every movie he had seen pointed to signs that this was a very very bad, even lethal. "Weighing in at 130 pounds is a Washington resident, and he happens to be the boyfriend of formal Princess Alexia of the Ivory Fanged. He has been trained in various martial arts we were informed and see is our next contender let's see how he fares in the Midnight Market ".

Vlad was shoved into a circle at the bag ripped off his head. He immediately dropped into a fighting stance recognizing this as an illegal fighting ring. Another boy was shoved into the ring, that poor poor kid. This place was a fight to the death match, and the kid scrambling around looking up at the sky, he had nothing to offer to the fight he would be out in less than around.

Vlad went to the edge of the circle feigning like he didn't want to get into the ring, not stepping out of the ring. The boy seemed to gather his confidence not understanding the message Vlad was trying to send, the boy ran straight at Vlad. Without conscious thought Vlad grabbed the boys on, which was lunging out of in a poorly constructed punch, and he twisted it around to face him took it over his knee, and then snapped in half it was a bloody mess and completely useless. The boy cried out in pain and anger, but there was nothing he could do, Vlad was a black belt in almost 3 different types of martial arts and one of his own creations, this boy had no chance whatsoever.

The boy screeched while flailing around. Then he pulled out something that glinted in the light, I was a dagger, a very sharp dagger. “Shit!” Vlad breathed. The boy grazed Vlad’s arm and then as Vlad swung out of the way the terrified kid brought his arm up arcing it towards Vlad’s Face. The knife plunged into his shoulder. Vlad latched on to the wrist, grimacing, and threw the boy in a judo throw and simultaneously breaking the boy’s wrist.  The kid arced in the air and landed on his head with a satisfying crack. Vlad’s eyes welled up, Please please don’t be dead!

The crowd behind him was roaring in the stands. It was comprised of business men in suits as much as teens in jeans, they were all waving money or food. Vlad thought he was gonna be sick. He ran over to the boy, who was crying softly, “I'm so sorry”, Vlad told him.

The boy just cried. “Can someone help him; he’s hurt he has a broken arm and a broken wrist.”

“Look folks, the kid is trying to help his victim, isn’t that cute? The Exiled Princess boyfriend is the victor, I just got word from his sponsors, his name is Vladimir, but we’ll call him Exile.”

Two burly security men came and dragged Vlad away leaving the bloody kid on the ground. Vlad tried to fight the men but one of them had a Taser, the last thing Vlad saw was the kid crawling away before being scooped up viciously by a man and thrown on to a gurney.    

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