King of Mine by wendisch
King of Mineby P.J. Wendisch
*WARNING* If you like simple uncomplicated love stories, please don't read this! This story is filled with gripping suspense that is certainly not for the faint of heart...
  • deception
  • suspense
  • mysterious
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Mermaid Tail {A NaLu AU} by Cryptic_Eyes
Mermaid Tail {A NaLu AU}by 케이시
In a world of magic, legends, pirates, and mythical beings, Fiore is a kingdom long forgotten. Within the deep blue of its ocean, the Obsidian, lies a lone mermaid by th...
  • action
  • dragneel
  • tail
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void's msg in error by whorative
void's msg in errorby - ̗̀₩  ̖́-
v o i d ' s m s g i n e r r o r × these are poems [short and long] and some dialog that i made so i decided to share some🙂 × some of them may seem like it should be...
  • broken
  • void
  • sad
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HANDMADE CRYPTIC by Beautiful_Glasses
HANDMADE CRYPTICby Tác giả nghiệp dư
Cryptic nghiệp dư. => Tác giả tự viết.
  • truyenngan
  • tựviết
  • cryptic
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Nhưng mẩu truyện kinh dị- Creepypasta- Cryptic by munnguyenlovemtp
Nhưng mẩu truyện kinh dị- Mun'ss Bé'ss
Truyện mik sưu tầm trên mạng nha~~ hông phải mik viết đâu
  • nam
  • nhi
  • cryptic
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I Fell in Love with a Cryptic (ON-GOING) by preciouxx_gem
I Fell in Love with a Cryptic ( Precious Gem
A typical torpe-manhid set up story. Si Megan ay isang ordinaryo at simpleng babae na nangangarap lamang. Then, she met Michael that made her heart and mind complicated...
  • heartbeat
  • promises
  • hopeful
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[Imagine] [XxTae] Ám lỗ by kwaizoean
[Imagine] [XxTae] Ám lỗby 💜
"Đừng tò mò vào nhật kí của một kẻ đã mất tích từ lâu."
  • tripophobia
  • cryptic
  • psycho
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Cryptic ~ (M.Y.G) by ThatSugaTaeTae
Cryptic ~ (M.Y.G)by Gucci Tae
Mia: " W-why me?" M.Y.G: "Revenge." Mia: "That's a-all?" M.Y.G: "Yep." Started: 02/07/18 (Monday) Finished: N/A
  • bangtan
  • cryptic
  • suga
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Cryptic + giải thích by munnguyenlovemtp
Cryptic + giải thíchby Mun'ss Bé'ss
Truyện sưu tầm trên mạng nha
  • creepypasta
  • cryptic
Dismal Skies by FoodReaver
Dismal Skiesby L.P. Reaver
1st collection of poems (5) These pieces are more on the dark and cryptic side
  • cryptic
  • alone
  • teens
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*Featured Story* Readers of dark tales, are you in the mood for holiday cheer? Enter DEAD WINTER and get your fill. But mind your step! In this frozen world, victory bel...
  • thriller
  • darkfiction
  • writing
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Cryptic by crypticsss
Crypticby crypticsss
Fifteen year old Blossom Clearfare knew by accepting the truth of life and the love of Scott Valentine, she would be forced to live forever in the one place she's always...
  • evil
  • friends
  • teenfiction
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My artsy arts! :3 by IllusionTheProxy
My artsy arts! :3by Pizza Faythe (from YT)
NOT MUCH BASE ART ANYMORE! (YES I USED BASES, QUITE OFTEN ACTUALLY!!!) Most of this is fanart (of my books or other stories), concept art, or art of my YT friends and I...
  • youtube
  • cryptic
  • awesome
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Hunting faceless - PRINCESS - by primera_07
Hunting faceless - PRINCESS -by primera_07
Assassin's and mafia queen -- praising -- complementary actions -- merciless and can be a ruthless if needed.
  • yanagin
  • cryptic
  • queen
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Hacker by heartlesssoul17
Hackerby Aira
He's the most mysterious guy in the campus. Making money out of people's secrets, and sometimes, a few hacking classes. No one really knows his background, but everyone...
  • past
  • enemy
  • revenge
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Cryptids Vol.1 by Majacash
Cryptids Vol.1by Majacash
  • mysterious
  • vol1
  • cryptic
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My creepypasta and cryptic by Jeirian_Black
My creepypasta and crypticby Little Apple
Wèo, mị viết truyện dở lắm. Nếu có gì thì mọi người cứ góp ý và sửa dùm :}
  • creepypasta
  • cryptic
  • kinhdị
Haunted: An Amy Lee Fan-Fiction by Nikkisnotmyname1010
Haunted: An Amy Lee Fan-Fictionby Nikkisnotmyname1010
Alyssa was a loner, to say the least. She didn't have a loving family, friends,or anything to make her feel complete. She'd be judged on her clothing, her bisexuality, e...
  • cryptic
  • evanescence
  • ghosts
W I C K E D by i_only_look_alive
W I C K E Dby Flowers for tears
Dark poetry/lyrics strongly based on the southern gothic music genre, old ghost stories I've been told, and lore from around these parts.
  • cryptic
  • paranormal
  • wattys2018
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Desolation Row by mmaynsh
Desolation Rowby mikalen
"Tyler clenched his fist tightly. He could feel his fingernails digging into his palm. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the Thing inspecting someone in the line...
  • josh
  • jail
  • trench
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