So you guys thought that I could only make one Harry Potter rant? MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

There are two things that honest to god annoy me right now. Prepare for the second point to be way longer. XD

- Bellamort. Why does this exist. I don't get it. I get Bellatrix's obsession with him but come on!

- The sister trope. People hate this with a passion and I completely get it. Honestly, I'm bit of a hypocrite complaining about this since I actually do use it. But if you are going to do it, please for the love for God, have a little variety with your character. Don't make her the female version of Harry because honestly if you can't see the main reason why people hate this cliché, then you probably need to reread your stories. I'm tired of seeing OCs that "coincidentally" have the exact same eye color, hair color, and personality as him. No matter how badass you want to make your character, that is just ripping off a character with a different name. Twins are completely different in terms of looks but even real life twins share differences that set them apart.

And believe me, I have constantly second guessed myself while reading and writing Mysterious Fates, making sure that Subha is different from Harry in personality and looks in everyway possible.

You can do different variations to this trope, you know, such as....I don't know, them actually getting to know each other throughout the plot rather than just using the relation as a way to avoid creating a character altogether. That does make for a good story in a fanfic that make the trope work.

With that said, while many people in rant books complain about the sister trope and tell you to avoid it, most really don't give tips on how to use that cliché to their advantage for the people that truly want to try using it. Because for every cliche that exists, there's a way to make use of it without coming of as tired. So, to the best of my absolute ability, here are....

Four things to keep in mind when creating a fanfic OC related to a canon character:

1) Don't make them a twin to anyone. Whether it may be Harry or Ginny, teenage Sirius, or even their best friend, if your character is too similar to another, it's not good for your story. It may look and seem cool to you, as well as tempting, but remember that other people are reading your story so you have to find a middle ground where both you as well as the reader will be happy. Having the OC's personality be almost the exact same as a canon character is not creative, shows immense laziness and honestly, it's been done so many times. And plus, no matter how good the plot, it always makes me cringe. Idk why to be honest. 

2) Please do make them unique AS WELL AS RELATABLE. Like give them their own backstory and all that shit. If you have your character dealing with an extra power or something, make it something totally unique, even if it is something ordinary like elemental powers or a magic necklace. This character is going to be your MC in your fanfic so it's in your best interest that the OC is as interesting and relatable as humanly possible.

3) Not everything your character does in the fanfic have to do with the plot you are following. Get the OC their own dilemma to deal with. For example: Cedric dies, and Moody suspiciously drags Harry away from the scene. Don't have the character notice and follow them, instead have them stay there and describe their emotions concerning Cedric's death. It's something that was never really shown in full detail in both the book and the movie so you can go all out on what happened while Harry and "Moody" were having their little chat. 

4) My advice to you is that if you want you MC to experience what the others characters are going through, make sure its where other characters are there in the scene. An example of this is when Harry first notices the Death Eater's Mark in the sky created by Barty Crouch's son. In this scene, its evident that Ron and Hermione were searching for him when they find him behind a tent. You can have the character join the two in their search for him and get caught along with it when they are found by Mr Weasley and the others. This way, if you are one to follow everything canon, this is the best way to move along your plot without changing much of the original source material.

Those last two points are the most important things to remember because the books are written in Harry's point of view. Meaning, there are going to be scenes that have specifically his thoughts and scenes that involve only him. You can't insert your character in scenes where the scene requires only Harry alone. So during the second task, if your character suddenly becomes all knowing about what's happening underwater, not only is it super cringe-worthy and OP, it doesn't work with the plot and the lore Rowling created.

I know I've said this so many times and I think most of you are sick to death of it but this will ring true whether its fanfiction or not. It takes time to create a good plot and even more so to create a character. Use it wisely.  

And I think that's enough for today. So what else do you want me to rant on? I'm thinking about complaining about the cliffhanger in the season 3 finale of Race to the Edge because that truly pissed me off when I watched it. Do you agree with all of this? Give a vote and/or comment to let me know! :D

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