infinity war support group by septemberstark
infinity war support groupby ellie ⚡️
hi my name is ellie and i am still crying over the marvel cinematic universe. come join the not over infinity war club! started: 29/4/18 THIS IS GOING TO CONTAIN SPOI...
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how to write fanfiction / wattpad rants by yellowbeesknees
how to write fanfiction / wattpad...by adara☁️
❝ well that book was shit ❞ - my inner monologue yeah, I know I'm in no position to say anything but I just read a really shitty fanfiction and now I'm mad. a quick tour...
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Confessions From An Asian Boy by archertypes
Confessions From An Asian Boyby fury
❝Yes, I'm an Asian boy. No, my eyes don't disappear when I smile.❞ Just another series of confessions & rants from an Asian boy, no big deal. #15 in Random | [05.02.17] ...
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Fucked Up Honesty by TheScarletSinner
Fucked Up Honestyby Kalipedia
You know how people always say they want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Honesty out of this world? No lying, no sugarcoating, no bullshit? They d...
  • honesty
  • mature
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how not to write a teen wolf fanfiction (rants) by halehells
how not to write a teen wolf fanfi...by ˗ˏˋ papi chulo ˊˎ˗
i am 1000% done with your bullshit { inspired by @voideverything } { highest rank / #43 in humor } { current rank / #54 in random } OFFENSIVE - for all the babies :)
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Flaws in Fanfics Percy Jackson Edition by the_talking_sword
Flaws in Fanfics Percy Jackson Edi...by z o h a
I will point out the many flaws of Percy Jackson FanFics That is all (Looking back on this makes me have regrets...) CREDIT TO @DALVIECURTIS FOR THE COVER
  • percyjackson
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how to and how not to write fan fiction [ TIPS + RANTS ] 2k17/2k18
  • hownottowritefanfiction
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A Plethora of Wattpad Cliches and How to Avoid Them by PunGlasses
A Plethora of Wattpad Cliches and...by PunGlasses
The bad boy and good girl... The dumb jock and the mean cheerleader... The teen adopted by some boy band... All of these are some cliches, along with many others, which...
  • stopthecliche
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CreatyCity! [CLUB] by WattRealms
CreatyCity! [CLUB]by K R A K E N
dear fellow wattpader, are you lost in the ocean of books and busy authors? do you want a place to be free, talk with not just one but many, be creative as much as you d...
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Nee Randoms by royaalbratt
Nee Randomsby 漂亮的婊子 🌼
rants|fun facts |threads|storytimes|games
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The Things I Hate On Wattpad by xUniversal
The Things I Hate On Wattpadby 桜
A random book about the hateful things in this community. Meh tiny rants XD \|o-o|/
  • wattpad
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se você fosse uma Kardashian/Jenner  by husnewgirl
se você fosse uma Kardashian/Jenne...by stan
mama Kris terá mais uma filha, e você, a oportunidade de ser membro dessa louca família de Los Angeles. [só leia se gostar delas. não vem criar polêmica aqui não. #pas] ...
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WE AINT DONE YET (fourth randomness book) by ZoeSpook
WE AINT DONE YET (fourth randomnes...by Don't mess with your diamond
we're at book 4 already? man i need to get a life-
  • random
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you and i | a hyunjin fanfic. by ultshyunjinn
you and i | a hyunjin fanfic.by lovely boy hyunjin
it could've been you and i.
  • straykids
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AFTER THE STORM ▷ MISC by cIeopatras
❝ you better look both ways before you cross my mind! ❞ WHERE A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL YELLS ABOUT STUFF!
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SHUT YOUR QUIZNAK,    rants ² by bramsgreenfeld
SHUT YOUR QUIZNAK, rants ²by t holland is bi
o. SHUT YOUR QUIZNAK... klance is canon, king! ( MY LIFE: SEASON 13 1/2! )
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Dylan O'brien Imagines by Danielleluvs5sos
Dylan O'brien Imaginesby Danielle Faith
[HIGHEST RANK: #518 IN fan-fic] A bunch of Imagines about Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf, Thomas from the maze runner , Caleb from Deepwater horizon, Stuart from the in...
  • themazerunner
  • teenwolf
  • dylanobrien
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Wattpad Clichés  by IAmHorriblyGreat
Wattpad Clichés by p e g a s u s
WARNING: This book is full of clichés and rants, if you get easily offended, you would be better of reading some other book.
  • annoying
  • wattpad
  • horrible
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Who's Askin'? by jeonieboi
Who's Askin'?by thicc nicc
I ain't even mad. ©jeonieboi Highest Rank: [#608 IN RANDOM] [#9 IN NON-FICTION] [#1 IN RANDOMTHOUGHTS] ...
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