chapter 41 - The child

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The child reached the room where Andres and Leon were talking. It was either one of them. But I honestly think it is Andres because Leon is after all not that bad to do this to me. He isn't married for sure.
The boy opened the door. I was gonna freak out at this second and shout : "Com'on faster!!!" But instead my lips couldn't pronounce a single word because of pressure. What if it is Leon's son? I swear I wouldn't even talk to him if this becomes true. I know you are eager like me to know who is the father so I will stop daydreaming. Let's get back to reality.
The child was actually a little baby crawling on the floor. But he could talk a few words and Daddy was one of them. So it took him forever to arrive. He had blue eyes like the ocean and his smile was so cute! He hugged LEON'S LEG.
I can't believe this....

VILU: How could you have cheated on me?

LEON: I was scared to tell you I was married okay. I didn't know I would end up loving you the way I did. I didn't know I was falling for you. I couldn't imagine I would love someone like I loved you. You changed me Violetta. It was a huge mistake and I am divorcing for you Violetta. Believe me I love you.

VILU:yeah have a child Leon... do you want him to live sadly like you because your parenrs divorced??? even if this all is true, I have no feelings for you. Even if I did. Your lie erased it in a second. You can't imagine what I am feeling right. I feel weak,empty,cheated... Just try to stay away from me. And don't think of talking to me again one day. Nothing can make you gain my forgiveness.
LEON: I will be waiting for you.

VILU: don't waste your time.


What have I done. I officially blew all my chances with Violetta. But the divorce is already done. So I think she will forgive me one day. I was so angry I decided to drive on my motorcycle to the a special place me and violetta hung out in in NYC. (We really became close friends this few months). So I arrived their and sat on a white bench surrounded by red tulips. Then Violetta shows up.

LEON: I knew you would come here.

VILU: well when I did come before you would reconfort me because I had many problems. But now my problem is you Leon. You made me realize Love is nonsense. And in every love story we have a broken heart. And its mine. Mine is actually a destroyed heart. I am passing through a lot and this was just the last thing I wanted to know about. Why Leon? why?

LEON: look violetta.I am being totally sincere with you now. If you here this you wont regret it!

VILU: okay I am listening...

LEON: I didn't marry this woman because I loved her...

VILU: why then?

LEON: To be honest, it all started when I became 23. My mom and dad were always questioning the fact I wasn't married yet. Then a few month later they found this supposed "ideal wife" and arranged a marriage but back then I was with you. So I refused of course. But they kept pushing until them sweared they would kill you if I don't do this and they were totally serious. But I guess my lie killed you anyway....
And now I have a child but I already divorced my wife without letting my parents know. I wanted to save you after all.


In less than a second, I felt lips on mine. I kissed her back passionately. Our lips fit perfectly together. I smelled the perfume she was putting and tasted the strawberry lipgloss she has put. I missed these old days so much.
Aww no!! There is still another secret!


I have to tell Daniel what's happening!!
Violetta needs someone to reconfort her now that she knows the truth. And if you were wondering of I knew. Yeah I did. But I was dating Leon before.

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