chapter 14- Goodbye

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Vilu: leon do you think it will be our last kiss I am leaving tonight.
Leon: of course not. You will come healthy and I am gonna really miss you.
Vilu : me too. I can't imagine my life without you.
Leon: just the words I wanted to say.
* big hug.
Leon: I am sorry I need to go for dinner at my home my mom is waiting for me.
Vilu: okay but come to the airport wih me right?
Leon: sure
Leon pov.
I go home.
Leon mom: hi sweety whats the matter.
Leon: you know my girlfriend vilu?
Leon mom: yes
Leon: she is traveling tonight to france to do an operation she could die of.
Leon mom: vilu is strong she will overcome it.
Leon: but me. I am not strong. What if she dies?? I even told her I am going home because you where waiting for me for dinner .I couldn't stand looking at her eyes and not cry.* tears fall of his cheeks.
Leon mom: well let's got to a restaurant to change up your mind and think about something else.
Leon: good idea.
In the restaurant
Leon mom: why aren't you eating.
Leon: the food you are eating reminds me of vilu. It is her favorite meal.
Leon mom: leon stop thinking about her.
*Leon starts at a couple.
Leon: and this reminds me of us happy together.
Leon mom: then go see her because you will not get better son.
Leon: fine thanks mom.
In the hospital. I knock.
Leon: how's my love doing??
Vilu: better just packing my things.
Leon: let me help you.
Vilu: thanks. By the way, I am so terrorized I can't imagine that I might die.
Leon: vilu we should enjoy our moments and ignore the future for now.
*I lean in.
She leans too.
Our noses touch
I press my lips against her as I have never kissed her.
She kisses back.
We go back.
Leon: vilu everytime I kiss I fall in love with you all over again.
Vilu: me too Leon. I love you so much
Leon: me more.
Vilu: Oops it's almost time to go.
Leon: I will drive you there don't worry.
Vilu: I don't worry as long as I am with you.
Leon: *smile
She smiles back.
In the car
Vilu: I just wanna tell you that I will always love you even though I die remember that. And we will stay in touch . Don't forget me.
Leon: I would never forget my princess.
In the airport.
Leon: I can't believe that this is goodbye.
Vilu : see you instead
* hard hug.
Leon:see you.
Vilu: I love you.
Leon : love you too.
Announcement : flight 15 Buenos Aires to France leaves in five minutes . May the passagers go to gate 8.
Vilu: I need to go bye.
Leon: bye
I see her crying and I was crying too. I love her and I don't want to loose her. What if this is the end?? And I loose her forever?

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