chapter 28- New year's eve♥

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Vilu: no... leon you have to believe me! I didn't kiss him. It is only you I love!
Leon: well that's not what I saw in the video! I want you out of my life!! I can't suffer anymore! Open your eyes you are in love with daniel!!
Vilu: no no! Don't leave me leon! I love you!! Please don't do this to me! I need you! And the truth is...
Leon: ah!! You lied to me??
Vilu: it was very hard to tell you that I need to kiss him for the play auditions!
Leon: well It is just for a play! It is your dream! I will not stop you from it! I am not mad at this. But why did you even have to practice it!!! Both of you know how to do it!!
Vilu: I totally agree with you! He was the one to lean in! !! And if you see the full video, you can clearly see I directly left!
Leon: but I am still suffering vilu!! You lied to me and hurted me very bad!! Sorry but I can't be with you in this moment! ! I need I break!
Vilu: ok we can go grap a dinner in a bar!!
Leon: no I mean a break of us!!
Vilu:(speechless) please leon I love you! !! *I hold his hands then he leaves my hands and exits.
At night
It is new year's eve and the girls came over to my house.
Fran: hey vilu!!!
Cami: hey girl!!!!!
Vilu: hey...
Fran: why are you sad??
Cami: its new year eve!!!
Vilu: Well leon just broke up with me! I am so sad! And all because of daniel!
Fran: oh no!!! I am so sorry for you!!
Cami: I imagine how you feel ! :( I am gonna break that daniel into pieces! ! He just keeps hurting you!!
Vilu: well you know what's worse?
Fran: what?
Cami: what?
Vilu: leon thinks I have feelings for daniel!!
Fran: oh no! !
Cami: well I have an idea! How long have you been with leon??
Vilu: well about 6 month! Why?
Cami: well go surprise him!! With a romantic dinner!! You have been half a year with him!! you can call that a half year anniversary! !
Vilu: you are totally right♥♥ well I am going right now! Bye♥♥
Fran and cami:bye♥♥
At leon's house
Vilu: hi leon
Leon: wasn't it clear when I told you to stay away!!
Vilu: please leon I love you!!
Leon: then why do you go and kiss daniel!!
Vilu: I have told you a million times! ! He leaned in and we didn't even kiss!!
Leon: I am sorry I can't forgive you!!
Vilu: why is love so hard?? But it is so easy to just do this!*I lean in and kiss him. He kisses me back.
Leon: don't think I forgave you! I am still mad at you!
Vilu: then why did you kiss back!
Leon: I never said I stopped loving you but I said I needed some time to think!
Vilu: but please at least eat with me dinner!
Leon: if it will put I smile on your face then okay!!
* we ate together and had a great time observing the fireworks
Vilu pov.
A year has passed. It was a tough one!! I hope I can have a better year in 2016 !! And one day soon leon would forgive me and we could live a wonderful love story together!! That was my story for 2015. I , Violetta Castillo will start a new start tomorrow to build a better future!! And I want you all in it!!! Friends and family! ! Now goodnight see you next year,which is tomorrow, for an amazing adventure all together ! !

Happy new year!! Hope you liked it♥
Thanks for reading!

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