chapter 17- The Shocking Surprise

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Vilu: leon. You are with stephie!!!* I said in an angry manner and threw the flowers on the floor and stepped on them.
Leon: vilu. You are alive!!! I can't believe it yey!! * he embraces me. I push him back.
Vilu: what do you think your doing??
You come with a new girlfriend and you want to show me that you care about me. You broke my heart leon. Don't ever talk to me again in your life and you are not part of my life anymore. I thought it would be good with you but I was wrong. All boys are jurks. I hate you!! I would never forgive you! Forget me okay. Forever.
Leon: no vilu...*she ran away
Vilu pov.
I can't believe I got flower for him, was excited to see him and the first thing I see is leon holding stephie's hand. I can't support it. I am so jealous. I thought love is easy but it turned out to be too complicated.
Leon pov.
What happened?? They told me she was dead. I am so relieved that she is alive. Now how could I get rid of stephie? I don't want to break her heart. What will I do. I know vilu would be so mad at me right now. I can't forget her I love her not stephie. I need to break up with her and as soon as possible to prove to vilu that I love her.
I go to the park and meet up with stephie to try to break up with her.
Leon:hi stephie.
Stephie:hey my love.
Leon:before I say anything I want to tell you that...* suddenly she presses her lips against mine and kisses me hard. And guess who saw us vilu!!!!!
Leon: vilu wait don't go I have to explain to you what happened.
*Why does stephie do this? She didn't leave me the chance to talk to vilu! I called her about 50 times no answer she was really angry. Then i got a text' if you love me why are you with stephie?' So I headed to her house. I knock on her rooms door.
Leon:vilu please you need to listen to me.
Vilu: ok come in.
Leon: vilu I love you!
Vilu:if you love you wouldn't be with stephie kissing her and coming to see me with her. I thought you were special but I was wrong you the from the kind that breaks heart very hardly. That's what you did to me. I feel pain. Interior pain. I am suffering and not supporting this situation.
Leon: please listen. There have been a misunderstanding between us. When I called to your room they told me that you died I was so sad then stephie asked me to go out with her I accepted not to disappoint her. And today, I knew you are alive so I wanted to break up with and she kissed me I didn't kiss her back . Please vilu forgive me. It is you that I love.
Vilu: I am so sorry leon! There have been a whole big misunderstanding. Who could have planned to break us up??
Leon: don't know ? But the most important is that we are together now. Forever.* I embrace him. I see a paper on his pocket I get it out.
Vilu: stephie is beautiful, talented, lovely, sweet, intelligent and pretty??????? What is this paper leon. Prons and cons? You really was thinking for getting back with stephie for good and you think all these good things of her. How could you? I thought you never even though about any other girl than me. But I was wrong. Stephie is still in your life you love her not me.
Leon: NO vilu...

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