chapter 27- recorded!

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I move away and exit the room. I can't believe he wanted to kiss me! How could he do this! Well I will have to kiss him anyway but not in the repetitions!! I go to the dance class and see the girls. Then daniel passes but I ignore him. He should have left the studio!! He is not a student here!! He just came so we can practice!
Vilu: hey girls!
Fran: hey vilu!! We came back because the classes in the studio have restarted and we didn't wanna miss a day!!
Cami: hey girl!! We both missed you!! Well is there a problem between you and daniel?? Because I saw you ignoring him. What's wrong?? You know you can trust us!
Vilu: well girls the thing is that I passed an audition for a romantic play that will be displayed on tv and I sang a song and the judge loved it! Then he told me to practice a scene to test my acting skills with my partner.
Fran: well what does it have to do with daniel??*she thought for a second* ohhhh!!!! Nooo!!!
Vilu: ohhh yes!!!
Cami: what?? I am not following you guys??
Vilu: well daniel is my partner!!! And there is worse!! I have to kiss him!!!! And leon doesn't know about it!!
Fran: ohhh god!!! I am dying!!! Why is that idiot always coming between you guys??? Can't he just take a break of hurting you!!!!
Cami: I am shocked too but you have to calm down fran!! Vilu!! it is not a big deal ! A small quick kiss on the lips is just fine. It doesn't have to be 'ttthhhheeeee kiss!!!'
Vilu: well you are right cam!!
Fran: but you have to talk to leon about it!!
Vilu pov.
Suddenly someone enters
Leon: what do you want to talk to me about??
Cami and Fran: (whispering) sooryyy!! * they leave.
Leon: what's the matter? ?
Vilu: it is jus-t th-at I was thinking I-f if... you wanna join me to the movies this afternoon!!
Leon: sure!! *hug
Leon: see ya♥
Vilu: bye!!
*he leaves and the girls get back.
Fran: well I think he took it pretty good!
Cami: yeah! That hug at the end totally proves it !!he is fine!!
Vilu: wellllllllllll* I bite my lips
Fran: you didn't tell him!!!
Cami: you didn't! !!
Vilu: I am going with him to the movies instead! !!
Fran: but vilu tonight you have to tell him!!
Cami: yes! Tooooonniiiggghhhtttt!!! Or one lie will turn out into a break up!
Vilu: don't say this word! I just wish I could live on an island with him alone then we wouldn't fight or have any problems anymore !
Fran: we all wish that!
Cami: yeah we all do!
At night
My house 's door knocks. I wonder who?? Ohh!! It is maybe leon . I open. Oh no!! its...
??: hey sweety we have to practice so I thought I could come over!
Vilu: daniel !! Get out!! You are not welcome here!! Now bye!
Daniel: but I just think you should see something!
* I couldn't say any word. A video directly started playing. It looks like me and daniel are kissing!
Vilu: you had a camera in the practice room!!
We were not kissing!! You just leaned in!! But then I left !!
Daniel: well it is gonna be hard to prove! !!
Vilu: did you send it to anyone??
Daniel: I just showed it to stephie's grandma when I was at stephie's house.
Vilu: got to go bye!!
Vilu pov.
I thought about it in my head . If daniel showed it to stephie's grandma then she would show it to stephie's mom then her stephie's mom would show it to stephie who would show it to leon! !
I know were her grandma lives since she is my dad's old friend.
Vilu: did you show the video daniel showed you to anyone??
Stephie's grandma: well no! I can 't remember! Ahh yes!! I showed it to my daughter who would be stephie's mom!
Vilu : thanks bye♥
I went to stephie's mom
Vilu: did you show the video your mom showed you to anyone??
Stephie's mom: I just showed it to my daughter who would be stephie!
Vilu : thanks bye♥
I went to stephie.
Vilu: did you show the video your mom showed you to leon??
Stephie: wasn't I supposed to show him!!
Vilu pov.
I turn around and see leon in tears...

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