chapter 35- Roomates

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Vilu pov.
I woke up and found myself in the streets of new york. What I am I doing here??? I stood up while wobbled left and right feeling very dizzy. I walked while having a leg not functioning properly. My eyes were twirling like the sun set in fast motion, my clothes painted with black mud. My face all scratched like if i had a fight with a cat. I could even feel the thin bones of my stomach because of not eating for about a day. I looked like a crazy old drunk hurted woman walking around without knowing which way to go and suffering from the cold without having any jacket . Just a short sleeve white designed shirt that had shrunken overnight, and light blue pants that was highlighting clearly my skinny weak body.

Fran pov.
I can't leave vilu there alone! If she is gonna live there ,then so do I! I wonder what she is doing right now. Probably in her apartment having delicious breakfast. So I am gonna surprise her at lunch and tell her we are gonna be room mates!! I am so excited for this and if Camila wants to come too them I think we will be living there all together♥♥ yey!! Well I need to talk to cami and then book a flight.

Cami: hey Fran
Fran: hey cami!! I have some news!!!!!!!!
Cami: spoil it all girl!
Fran: well I was thinking about living with vilu in her apartment! What do you think? I mean, I am not supporting the fact she is alone and maybe this can show her I love her so much and that my kiss with Leon didn't mean anything.
Cami: I love the idea!!!!♥♥
Fran: do you want to come too?
Cami: I am so sorry Fran but I have Broadway here! And I don't wanna leave him.
Fran: well he could just come too and buy an apartment next to ours! !!
Cami: great idea!! Well I will talk to him and give you an answer. But I am sure visiting her with you. I still need to think about the ''moving to new york'' thing.
Fran: okay!! I am going to book a flight for us.

Vilu pov.
I feel like I am gonna just die. Or should I say I wish I could die. I can't resist this all. I am lost in this huge crowded city. And I think I will never find any help since I am like a small tiny pin between the gigantic number of abitants in New York City, Manhattan.

Fran at the airport
Fran: please mam , I would like 2 tickets for New York. I want the soonest ones possible.
The receptionist: well I just have exactly TWO tickets at 8 p.m. today.
Fran: great!!! *I purchase the tickets and leave.

Fran pov.
Now I am ready to go. I go back home and pack my stuff and go straight to the airport.

Time skipped

Fran pov.
We arrived at the airport and do the check in. Then I sat with cami in the plane and we started babbling successively. After 3 hours our plane arrived to the airport of new york. We call vilu to see where she is.

Phone call

Vilu: hello?
Fran: hey vilu it's fran!!
Vilu: vilu?? I am not vilu!!! fran??? I never heard that name before!
* OMG!! she is acting strange. I think she is still mad at me at the leon thing. I will just pass the phone to cami ansd hear what she says.
Cami: hey it's cami! !! How are you? ?
Vilu: Cami?????????? ...................

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