chapter 29- time to move on!

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Leon pov.
I couldn't sleep all night thinking about vilu. Thinking about us. I love her so much but I think I should be moving on! I don't want to hurt her nor be hurted so I think we need to move on and take a break. A break of us. To think and to move on! So I decided that the best thing to do is fly back to mexico and stay friends with vilu. I will definitely miss her but it is for the best! !
Vilu pov.
I can't think about anything other than leon!! I want him back and I am afraid that if I don't react right away I will lose him forever! I need to do something and right now!! So I head to his house and knock on his door.
Vilu:hi leon... I need to talk to you about something very important!
Leon: well me too!
Vilu: ok you start!
Leon: ok since it is very important !! Well em.... ........ I am ........moving........ back........ to Mexico!
Vilu: nooooo.... why??
Leon: well I need some time to think!
Vilu: please don't abandone me! I beg you!
Leon: sorry but my plane leaves tomorrow!  Now what did you wanna say ??
Vilu: nothing!! sorry but I am too sad to talk. So I am gonna leave!! By the way, by doing this to me I understood that you never had true feelings for me! Bye!
Leon: no...
*I leave. I couldn't support seeing him anymore after what he is gonna do! I went to fix things between us but it turned out to become worse and worse! Then I go to Fran's house*
Vilu(crying): hey fran.
Fran: hey! What's the matter? Why are you crying?
Vilu: well leon decided to move to Mexico!
Fran: oh no!!!
Vilu: I am so sad ! He said he needs time to think! How can he do this to me?
Fran: I totally understand you!! Calm down!
Vilu: what can I do now?
Fran: well I am sorry to tell you this but I think you should move on! Your relationship with leon is unfortunately done !
Vilu: I think I have no choice !
Fran: I am so sorry for you ! But there is nothing to do!
Vilu: on the bright side , I have you and cami by my side!
Fran: we will always be here for you girl♥!
Next day
Leon pov.
Today I am moving back to Mexico. I am happy because I am going to see my family again. It is also my last day at the studio. I am sad I need to leave this place that taught me everything I know!
In the studio.
Fede: hey leon! Wanna go to the movies after class?
*I didn't tell him about me moving to Mexico.
Leon: well I am sorry but I am busy!
Fede: never mind! What do you have to do ? Want me to help?
Leon: well I think I was supposed to tell you that earlier but I decided yesterday to move back to Mexico. My plane is leaving at night! I need to pack my stuff and get ready!
Fede: ah!! Why ? I am gonna miss you so much!
Leon: well it is kind of personal but it is the best to do!
Fede: well I have no choice but to except your decision but you need to know that I am gonna miss you!
Leon: I am gonna miss you too!
* then I bump into someone. I look down. It is vilu.
Leon: oh sorry! I didn't see you
Vilu: never mind.
Vilu pov.
I can't support being so invisible! I can't support the fact that he is moving to moving to Mexico and I can't do anything to stop him!! Tears keep crolling down my cheeks. Sadness invading me. My eyes turning red. My body getting weaker and weaker. I can't support it anymore!!!

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