chapter 26- kissing scene

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Judge: your singing is very good! ! I love it!! But you need to do a scene with daniel. This is the script. Practice well. You have for tomorrow!
*he leaves
Leon: you were great! !
Vilu: was I??
Leon: yeah your voice enchanted me!!
Vilu: thank you but the hard part comes up! I need to act a romantic scene with daniel!
Leon: don't worry you just have to memorize the lines and feel what you are saying and all is done.
Vilu: well ok but it is with daniel!!! I don't want to do anything with him.
Leon: try to be professional and everything will turn out to be fine!
Vilu: you are right! Thanks for the support♥ *I come close and take him into my arm and embrace leon so hard!
At home
German: hi vilu I missed you!!!
*Then a familiar voice talked
??: hi vilu I missed you so much! !!
Vilu: Angie!!! Is that really you!!!! I am so happy!!
*I take her hard into my arms.
Vilu: I am so happy!! First I am back home angie is here and I will maybe play a main role on TV! !!
German: congrats for the role I am sure you will get it!
Vilu: let's hope
Angie: vilu I am so happy that you are happy!!!
Vilu: thanks angie and I still can't believe you are back! Well let's go upstairs to my room I have so much to tell you!
In my room
Vilu: angie my life is a disaster!!! I have to play a romantic scene with daniel!!
Angie: daniel!! Is he back??
Vilu: yes he is!! :(
Angie: well turn that frown upside down because you have more to gain than to lose in this opportunity!!!
Vilu: you are right !! You are the best aunt ever!!
Angie: no you are the best niece !!
Vilu: we are the best niece and aunt in the world!!!!!!!
Angie: exactly! But the niece is best!
Vilu: hahahahaha*hug
Angie:well let's see that script of yours.
Vilu!!! Did you see what you have to do here!! You have to kiss daniel!!
Vilu: what??? Ah nooooo!!! Please not this!!! No!!! Well I haven't seen the script before !! What am I gonna say to leon!! I know my enterest to act would turn out into a bad thing! !
Angie: well now you can't change anything you have to do it!! Don't give up!
Vilu: thanks alot for the support♥ well I need to go meet daniel at the studio because we need to practice the scene!
Angie: okay!! Good luck.
In the studio
Daniel: hey! So let's practice together. I am so excited to work with you!! We will be perfect.
Vilu: stop it don't talk we will practice silently! ok!!
Vilu pov.
We practice then we arrive to the kissing scene. We don't have to practice this since we both know how to do it but He comes close to me and...

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