chapter 21- Time together

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Vilu pov.
I am so happy I am back with leon. My love. My first kiss. The one that stole my heart and makes me blush all the time. He sees me in a way no one have seen it before. In his arms I feel safe. He loves me a lot. I love him more. Well, today is his birthday and I was thinking of a romantic dinner on a boat in paris at sunset. I planned it all. It will be perfect. Then we could do a party with daniel and stephie and I will also invite fede, cami and fran to join us in France. Then someone knocks on my door.
Fran and cami: hey vilu we took a trip to France to come and see you*oh how sweet of them I could now tell that about the surprise I am planning.
Vilu: hey girls very nice to see you. I missed you a lot.
Cami: us too
Fran: alot
Vilu: well, today is leon's birthday and I am planning a surprise for him.
Cami: can we come??
Fran: can we?? By the way you two are sooo cute!!! The best couple ever. You guys are meant to be forever.
Cami: yeah you are like the perfect couple. He has a most splendid girl and you have the boyfriend on earth.
Vilu: by the way, do you guys know if fede can join us in france? Anyway,
today we will have fun together on his birthday. I planned a picnic in a wonderful place then a ride in a boat at sunset. I am sure he will love it. Then we could all meet up for a party for leon.
Cami: amazing
Fran: fantastic. Well fede came with us so everything is ready!!
Vilu: great and I will tell fede to take him indirectly to the place.
Cami: ok.

Time skipped.
Fede: hey leon. Happy birthday.
Leon: thanks bro what are you doing here??
Fede: I came to check on vilu.
Leon pov.
I see vilu going. She said she has a meeting with someone.
Leon: what is vilu going to?
Fede: don't know.
Leon: she has been distant today and I need find why!
Fede: don't you think to follow her leon.
Leon: Good idea !! I will. Come with me.
Fede: no leon it is not a good idea. She will get mad don't do this* I kept dragging him and followed vilu. She bought flowers. For who?? Is she cheating on me. Then I see her sit on a picnic sheet waiting for someone . She is going to pay for it!! How could she cheat on me. I go to her.
Leon: vilu what are you doing here with flowers??
Vilu: well I was waiting for you to show you your surprise on your birthday!!! And these flowers are for you.
Leon: oh vilu you didn't have too and me who doubted you! What an idiot. I love you.
Vilu: I love you too. By the way thanks fede for the help.
Leon: he knew!
Vilu: well he helped me get you here. Now lets enjoy the picnic together.
Leon: sure
* she is so sweet she prepared all my favorite meals and planned all this for me. I am lucky to have her and I realized today that I could never live without her and I need her forever by my side because no one helps me supports me or loves me as much as vilu. And this is the proof. She planned all this for me. Stephie never even wished me a happy birthday but now I have vilu. The best girlfriend I had in my life, my true love, the one that makes me smile.♥ we laid down on the picnic sheet.
Leon: I couldn't imagine my live without you I love you so much.
Vilu: I love you too. And I could never even picture my life without you. You see leon, after all our breakup and sufferings I realized that I should always listen to my heart.
Leon: and what did your heart tell you?
Vilu: well he told me that I love you so much and I should never get away from you. Before I knew love, I was normal but at the second I meet you I started feeling magical and exceptional and I will never stop loving you forever.
Leon: vilu in this wonderful place I promise you that I will always be with you forever because you are the only girl I truly love and this time no one can seperate us.
Vilu: no one.
* each time I look in his eyes I fall in love all over again...

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