Chapter 44 -EXCLUSIVE

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VILU POVI was all in shock

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I was all in shock... all that time he was playing with my feelings. All i felt was bitterness and a pinch of guiltless. You probably wonder why i felt guilty... it's because i've been wasting my time with him for long... I was happy with our back together status only to find out that truth. He was a player. He was a heartbreaker.

"You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you." John Green

And I chose to be hurt by him. Leon Vargas. My love at first sight.
This fire that was caught between us was now off. The butterflies rested in my stomach. I won't forget him in a second but i will keep trying. Trying to follow the right track. How easy it is to fall in love and how hard it is to move on and forget. Falling in love is like taking a breathe while moving on is like releasing the air but so much slower.
You're all probably skipping line and wondering what was my actual reaction. I just didn't  wanna react. I preferred to stay silent as the eye language was worth a thousand words.
It was the shock of my life...
But i gotta focus on my dad's wedding day just his wedding nothing else!
I went to talk to the girls.
"Hey girls we need to get everything ready for my dad's wedding!!" I said all excited
"Mm... Vilu you look suspicious... what happened?"  asked cami with a questionable face.
"Look Fran is not here so i can tell you. Leon doesn't like me or anything it was just an investigation to get to information about my mother. He thinks she killed his mother.
And Leon and Fran are siblings.
"That last thing i know... oops sorry but the other stuff oh my god how could he?"
"Well some people have bad luck in life and i'm one great example in front of you"
"Just try ignoring it let's focus on the wedding!" Cami said cheering vilu up.
"Yeah you're right! I was thinking of a trio... but now that Leon... i don't know if Fran
... is a good idea..."
"Look vilu Fran is maybe his sister but she's your best friend and she may not even know about this so you can't judge her..."
"I better keep this trio idea till i talk to her..." " let's just find dresses and stuff we need."
After a couple of hour we bought everything needed and headed back to the apartment. I was in the hall when i looked at my apartment door. I was thinking if that jerk had dared to step in again... i was searching for my keys when i caught the sight of the last person i wanted to see at the moment.
"Vilu!"said Leon.
"What are you gonna say more? Is there more secrets? Anything more hurtful? Any more disasters to be revealed?" I asked feeling the pain circulating all through my veins.
"No, look I just came to say i was really sorry and I hope you find someone who deserves you."
"You better leave..." I said opening the door and entering the apartment.
He stood there while I shut the door not seeming to care.

Vilu what if he really likes you? What if he started as planned and then fell in love?
Just quit talking annoying inner voice. Can i just have one voice and keep everything clear!

I was all alone that night. I ended up eating a pizza at midnight and watching some old tapes. Finally i fell asleep while i was biting the last piece of the cheese pizza i ordered.

L E O N  P O V
I decided to go to a restaurant just to change my atmosphere a bit. All the concerns were about the wedding that I didn't want to attend.
I suddenly bump into some perfect stranger... that actually had a familiar face.
"Hello may i help you with anything?" I said
" Actually yes do you know where is the waiter i want to find a seat"
" aw you can simply join me c'mon." She sat next to me as she thanked me.
"We have seen each other before right?" I asked her while trying to remember when.
"Ohh that's  you Leon?"I nodded
"And you are?" I asked.
"Ella! The your father's wedding Ella?!"
"Ohhh now I remember you!"
We kept talking all night till she decided to leave.
"Wait let me drive you there"
"Oh okay if you don't mind."
"It's my pleasure!"
I walked her down to my car in the parking lot. And I opened the front door offering her a seat. She climbed in as I sat in the driver's    seat.
"It was a pleasure meeting you" I said"Again."
"We had a good time didn't we?!" She said
"Yeah we did! It was fun talking to you. You can always call me when you're free. This is my number." While I gave her a paper with my number on it.
"I'll call you soon thanks for the ride." She said as we reached where she wanted me to stop her at.
I stopped the car and  went down to open her door when she stepped down and held me tight for some seconds.
" thank you so much for this night! You lightened up my day" she said.
"I should be the one thanking you! Remember you always have my number! Goodnight"
"Goodnight" she said as she entered her house.

Days later i bumped into Fran and had to arrange a proper conversation with her.
"FRAN. I know your brother is Leon. I also know all his lies." I said
"What lies? What happened?" So i had to explain to her the whole thing.
"Oh my god , poor thing... I am so sorry I wasn't aware of anything I promise. If I did know I would have stopped him and told you the truth" she said all worried.
"I am relieved to hear that! I doubted your friendship for a moment but you proved me wrong now"
"And about the sibling thing i just didn't want to be hurt. I didn't want you to see me as his brother... just as a bestfriend. This is what I am to you."
"Aw great then we can performe a trio at my father's wedding and plan a group performance too."
"Yeah that sounds great I bet he'll like it let's go tell the rest."

*time skipped*
W E D D I N G  D A Y

This  was it my dad's wedding day finally everything was ready and we arrived safely to Buenos Aires. I also talked to Fran and arranged the trio with the girls. We also prepared a group song obviously.

G E R M A N  P O V
It never worked other than with Maria. And today I have the hope that it will. Angie gave me all i wished for. And today was the day to unite us. I was so happy to see my daughter and her friends again. Specially,my daughter Vilu who offered me a gorgeous tuxedo for the wedding. What was strange was that Vilu didn't get Leon even though he was invited... wonder why... it may be better for me but i sense something is wrong

Everything was ready when the wedding ceremony began.

First of all, Camila and Broadway walked down the aisle followed by Vilu  Fran and the other guys. Then angie walked all looking gorgeous staring into german's eyes. All the guests were stood up attending this emotional moment.

At last, she arrived and joined hands with german while the ceremony started

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At last, she arrived and joined hands with german while the ceremony started.
Priest: we are gathered here today to attend the wedding of German and Angie.
Shall we start with the vows if none disagrees to their marriage. This is when something unexpected happened.

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