chapter 4 - Vilu's audition

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Vilu: that was incredible
Leon: like I imagined it
Vilu: I am so nervous I am next.
Leon:you!nervous! you are the best put this in mind and everything will be fine. You have the the voice of an angel.
Vilu:thanks for supporting me I really need it
Leon:for you I would do anything
*they call . Relax violetta everything is going to be just fine. Remember what leon said.
I entered the room
Vilu:hello I am violetta castillo
Pablo:nice to meet you , you may start
I started to sing suddenly I see leon seeking from the door and I turn and sing the song for him. We I was done I ran to leon .
Leon: you were amazing
Vilu: this is because of your help.
* I hug him hard and stay in his arm for a long time and enjoy this moment. I feel that in his arm I am safe. He makes me happy and I will try to tell him what I feel for him. If I have the courage.
Vilu: leon I lo...

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