chapter 16- A Day of Darkness

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Leon Pov
I can't believe it. I feel empty. I can't live without my girl. What happened??
Why is this happening to me??? The girl who could would have been the love of my life died and left a broken heart. Mine. I really can't believe she is actually gone. Before I couldn't imagine living without her one second and every second without her lasted an eternity but now I am actually living itttttt. Why?? I love her soooooo much. She is my girl. My reason of living. My perfect match. The one who completed my hand when she holded it. The one that stole my heart. The one who I love and will always do. Till the end. Till the day I die. I will remember here bright smile. Her sweet hugs. Her golden beautiful hair. Her perfect body. She was sooooo suitable for me. A simple amazing girl. A only girl who understood me. The only one who knew when I was sad and consoled me. My love. Forever. Uncountable tears fell of my eyes and kept falling. All my day was black. I saw a black sky. Dead trees. No birds. No flowers. Just dead leaves who cracked under my feet making a depressing sound. The sun was frowning and the clouds were crying. It was a sad black frowning day.
Violetta pov.
I am alone I open my eyes and I see all blurry. I wait for some second then I can see clearly. I am so happy. According to the doctor I am held 100%. I can finally be with leon peacefully without pain but I need to stay in here for 3 week to get treated well after the operation on the bright side I could have some outings.
I look at my phone no single message from him. At night I check again nothing.
Danile pov.
When vilu sleeps I take her phone to really destroy leonetta forever.
Leon pov.
I went for a walk. I sat on a bench with a bend back. Black clothes. Pale face. I felt someone touching and heard a voice. This voice was familiar. I looked back.
Leon: hey stephie what brings you here?
Stephie: nothing. I heard the news. I wanted to know how are you?
Leon: bad. I can't support it you know she is everything for me. I love her.
Stephie: you know she is in a better place now and she doesn't want you to cry. *she embraces me hard. Its weird. I feel better.
Stephie: I know it is not the great time to ask you this but I miss you and I want you back. Do you want that we get back together??
Leon: please don't force me. It is a hard time for me. Let me think.
Stephie: ok need to go bye.
*I get an email. Its from vilu. Who send it by her email address? lets see.
' hey leon, I am violetta's dad , I would like to invite you to the funeral near the hospital violetta died in. Her last words were that she hates you because you didn't even bother call her to know what happened to her and all she felt for you is gone and she wishes she has never met you. I didn't invent anything. I just thought you would like to know that. I hope you come bye'. Tears fell off. How could she thinks like this about me?
I need to go to the funeral and have to think to get back with stephie or not.
In the studio.
I meet fede( we have approached alot since he became good friends with vilu)
Fede: whats wrong man?
Leon: I am just very sad that vilu died. And stephie asked me to get back together with her I don't know what to do.
Fede: for vilu. I am sure she is in a better place and she will always love you. For stephie it is easy do a list of prons and cons. I will write.
Leon: ok well stephie is beautiful, talented, smart, lovely, and perfect but she is not vilu. I think I will tell her yes I don't want to end up alone in my life. Thanks man.
Fede: you're welcome paw
Leon:need to go bye.
I go meet stephie and tell her yes and embrace her. I feel she is good for me and I have to move on.
Daniel pov
My plan is working lets continue by a fake email address in the name of leon to vilu.
Vilu pov
I get an email from leon. Yesss. Ok it says he is coming to france tomorrow and i need to meet him in the airport. Finally news from him. So excited.
Next day
I get dressed in my usual skirt and a coral top with flowers on it and a pretty flower crown and of course I buy flowers for my love.
Leon pov
I get ready to go to vilu's funeral. Stephie accepted to go with me. It is going on very well with her. After a long trip I arrive there.
Vilu pov.
It is nearly time for his plane to land. I check the flights scheduale and his plane has landed. So excited to tell how much I missed him.
I see him coming and for my surprise I see stephie with him... I am shocked. Did he do it on purpose??
Daniel: (whispering) hahaha. My plan is working like I planned it.

900 words!! I hope you guys like it. It took me alot of time. Thanks for reading :) ♥♥ xoxo

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