chapter 19- The Meet-up

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Leon:*he moves away from stephie and goes to vilu* vilu it will always be our place forever she was the one who brought me her. I love you not her!!
Stephie: some respect to your girlfriend leon!
Vilu: she is right. Respect her at least. You are so disrespect full. You love me!*in a mocking way*. You don't deserves a single drop of me or stephie. You are so bad. I hate you. I really do. From all my heart. Don't you deny anything!! You are a cheater. Let's go Daniel or leon will infect me with his badness. I am over you forever bye.
Leon:  no vilu... stephie!!! Can't you understand that I don't love you! I don't wanna hurt you but since I fell in love with vilu my life turned upside down. I see butterflies everywhere. Her company brightens my day. Please if you love me let me be with my true love because I am not yours. Out there is someone who really will appreciate you. I have no doubts.
Stephie: I am so sorry I hurt you. Ok you are right.*I embrace him and put a letter in his pocket.It is not over leon. It is time for plan B hahaha!!
Stephie pov.
I call daniel and told what happened and we started planning plan B that will ruin them forever.
Vilu pov.
I need to get over him he is not good for me. I head to the park.
Leon pov.
I look in my pocket I find a letter:
Hey leon. I miss you. We need to talk to fix things out. Meet you at the park.
-your love, Violetta.
Finally she opened her eyes I am so excited. I love her alot and will always do!♥♥♥
Daniel pov.
The smile on leon's face will soon transform into tears and suffering. I meet vilu at the park in the perfect time at the perfect place for my plan. We sit on a bench.
Leon pov.
I arrive there I wait for an hour. No sign of vilu.
I keep texting her to come. No answer. Weird.
Vilu: why is leon texting me to come to the park?? I need to go. I don't want to meet that boy.*daniel holds me
Leon pov.
Suddenly I feel hands hiding my eyes. I turn around.
Leon: finally we can talk. I love you and I miss you alot
??: I am happy too.
*vilu sees us.
Leon: wait stephie what are you doing here??
Stephie: you told me to meet-up here.*she shows us a letter
Leon: what no!! Vilu you have to believe me. I got a letter from you not stephie. * he searched in his pocket
Vilu: I would never want to meet up with you especially after this.
Leon: no vilu... wait it must be in my pocket...* I see tears I vilu's face. It shows me that she cares but I would never hurt her.

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