chapter 8- Reconciliation

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Next day
Vilu pov.
I am so confused. Do I forgive leon or not? I love him but I still have doubts about him. What if he hides other secrets????
In the studio
*I bump into leon
Leon: hi vilu. How are you?? Did you think about what I told you?
Vilu: leon it is just that I have still some doubts. What if you hide more secrets?
Leon : vilu you have to believe me I didn't know stephie is coming here or I would have told you.
Vilu: I can't be with you and stephie still loves you and thinks you are her boyfriend.*I left
Leon: no wait.
Vilu: what
Leon: I love you
Vilu: leave me alone leon!!
Next day
Vilu pov.
I was taking I ride on my bike in the park and I find leon hugging stephie and I go towards them.
Vilu: and you love me??
Leon: no vilu it is not what you think we are just friends. * I left.
Time skipped
Leon pov.
Vilu have to forgive me. I can't live without her. Then I see german coming towards me.
German: hi leon did you see vilu??
Leon: no why is she lost.
German: yes
Leon: okay then I will go find her.* I walk in the street and after walking for hours I got worried. Where is vilu? Then I see her under a tree on the floor. I run to her.
Leon: what happened?
Vilu: I fell because the mud was slippery and I think I broke my whole body. It hurts so much.
Leon: don't worry! I will take you to the hospital.
*he carries me and takes me to the nearest hospital.
In the hospital
Leon pov.
Vilu lies on the hospital bed asleep and in pain. Just looking at her peaceful face and reminds me why I fell for her.
Vilu pov.
I open my eyes and see him lying next to me and this reminds me how much I love him and how much he loves me too and this proved his love.
Vilu: thank you for taking care of me.
Leon: I would do anything for you.
Vilu: leon, I think after what happened today I am ready to forgive you.*I really feel he loves me
Leon: I love you vilu and I will love you forever
Vilu: me too leon and I will let no one seperate us , never.
*he embraces me hard and when I go out of his arms he gets close and presses on my lips very hard. In this moment I realize I took the right choice. He loves me and I love him too and this is all what counts.
Nurse: the results are done. You are extremly hurt and you need to do a very critical operation that may lead to death if it fails.
Vilu and leon together : WHATTTT ?????

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