Summer Camp  by Fan_Girl1601
Summer Camp by Misscupcakes13
Hi, I'm Violetta and I am just a regular girl who loves to sing and dance and write songs. I've been invited to a Summer Camp called Camp On Beat where all you do is son...
  • summer
  • violetta
  • leonetta
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[Identity V] [DocGar] Cuộc sống hôn nhân của chúng ta by IhavetoomuchOTP
[Identity V] [DocGar] Cuộc sống hô IhavetoomuchOTP
Tên truyện: Cuộc sống hôn nhân của chúng ta Thể loại: Hiện đại, hôn nhân, ngọt, sủng, hài, tiểu ngược Couple chính: Emma x Emily Couple phụ: Martha x Fiona, Tracy x Viol...
  • game
  • martha
  • fiona
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I'm in love with my bully (Leonetta) by Leonetta_4_Ever_Love
I'm in love with my bully ( Leonetta_4_Ever_Love
"Because, what's a better love story, than two people from completely different worlds crashing together?" Violetta Castillo is just a normal girl who moves in...
  • love
  • leonetta
  • leon
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THE COOL GUY by kieraM1999
They didn't agree on much. In fact they didn't agree on anything. They fought all the time and challenged each other everyday. But despite their differences, they had on...
  • highschool
  • romance
  • diecesca
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COLUMBIA ↬ timothée chalamet by gaychalamet
COLUMBIA ↬ timothée chalametby - ̗̀ 𝖙𝖔𝖓𝖎 ̖́-
❝do you really still think im anything like elio anymore? god, you really are straight out of a john green book!❞ in which timothée goes back to columbia university...
  • hammer
  • chalamet
  • mulvoyten
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one-shots || violetta + bughead by tiniftlili
one-shots || violetta + bugheadby tiniftlili
one shots, varied stories. leonetta + jortini + bughead <3
  • leonetta
  • jughead
  • jorgeblanco
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Crushed || HEAVY EDITING by Violetta_Vargas
Crushed || HEAVY EDITINGby ಎಲ್ಲ💛
❝baby don't cry when I'm gone when you were the reason I left in the first place❞ | award top #2 best jortini book 2016 | | award : winner of the best jortini fanfictio...
  • jortini
  • drama
  • action
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Undercover Spies  by Fan_Girl1601
Undercover Spies by Misscupcakes13
Francesca, Camilla, Naty and Ludmila are good spies and they are on a mission to find out what the bad spies are planning who are Leon, Federico, Maxi, Diego, Broduey an...
  • spies
  • fanfic
  • leonetta
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Messages[Completed] by irisine
Messages[Completed]by JBlanco❤️
JORTINI/LEONETTA Just random messages between Jorge Blanco and Martina Stoessel. Leon Vargas and Violetta Castillo
  • leon
  • martinastoessel
  • friends
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Risky business |ZAKOŃCZONE| by Jorgi_Verdas
Risky business |ZAKOŃCZONE|by Jorgi_Verdas
Pięć lat spędzonych za kratkami. Pięć lat bez niej bez jej uśmiechu i słowa wsparcia. Pięć pierdolonych lat kiedy nie mogłem jej objąć i przytulić. Sam tego chciałem i s...
  • jorgeblanco
  • jortini
  • romance
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Life as a married couple (sequel to Life After Studio On Beat) *Under Editing* by tacolover213
Life as a married couple (sequel Books4life
Violetta and Leon are finally married and they are going to California to start their new lifes there with their friends(don't read this book before Life after studio on...
  • fedemila
  • violetta
  • naxi
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Beautiful Mistake by Lexy_VLover
Beautiful Mistakeby al(exy)essia
❝and i can't help but stare, cause i see truth somewhere in your eyes❞ When Violetta's parents' business starts to go down the drain, she's the only one that can help it...
  • violettafanfiction
  • martinastoessel
  • diego
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drowning in tears | leon & violetta by tiniftlili
drowning in tears | leon & violettaby tiniftlili
COMPLETED violetta and leon, a happy couple with a bright future in front of them. violetta is a shiny girl who is famous because of her incredible voice. she gives sho...
  • maxi
  • camila
  • leonetta
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Life After Studio On Beat  by tacolover213
Life After Studio On Beat by Books4life
This is a story about after Violetta and the guys finished their projects at the studio and some secrets might be revealed, read the story to find out.
  • fedemila
  • violetta
  • leonetta
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Always Complicated | ✓ by Lexy_VLover
Always Complicated | ✓by al(exy)essia
❝close your eyes and i'll kiss you tomorrow I'll miss you❞ Can people ever really escape all the problems that come hand-in-hand with love? Violetta and Leon thought the...
  • leon
  • tomás
  • diecesca
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Identity V Randomness (Hiatus) by RandomUwu_
Identity V Randomness (Hiatus)by Hello
Random book mweheheheh
  • identityv
  • bane
  • survivor
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Impossible (A Jortini Fanfic) by Tinista2001
Impossible (A Jortini Fanfic)by Ashley
The cast of Violetta are working on Violetta 2. Jorge and Tini notice how their feelings have developed for each other, but Jorge is with Stephie and Tini is heartbroken...
  • martinastoessel
  • violetta
  • dielari
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Kocham Cię i Nienawidzę ~ Kastiel by xsaraxsuzukix
Kocham Cię i Nienawidzę ~ Kastielby ❤SaRim❤
Dziewczyna o imieniu Kassia Ekham przeprowadza się z Australii, z Sydney do Paryża we Francji. Mieszka tylko ze swoją mamą, ponieważ ojciec wziął z matką Kassi'i rozwód...
  • kentin
  • fanfiction
  • badgirl
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her ex husband (leonetta) by dreamingofjoel
her ex husband (leonetta)by 𝐬𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐡𝐚
Violetta and León were young sweethearts, who married each other at nineteen. At the age of twenty-three they are divorced. Five years later, Violetta is happy with Dieg...
  • violettafanfiction
  • diegodominguez
  • violetta
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violetta y soy luna by user23404833
violetta y soy lunaby luciana fernanda
los chicos del jam and roller no confían en luna y le creen a daniela quien? dice que luna incendio la pista en ese momento luna se queda sola y allí es cuando a parece...
  • lutteo
  • violettaysoyluna
  • simbar
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