chapter 11- Misunderstanding

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Vilu: don't even pronounce his name.
Leon: why is he your ex.
Vilu: no. It is complicated
Leon: then you too were together.
Vilu: no
Leon: then what?
Vilu: just please leave me alone.*started crying.
Leon: whats the matter? I am sorry I was jealous without thinking it might hurt you.
Vilu: leon just leave me with the girls please you and dad out.
*they left.
Cami: who is Daniel?
Vilu: ok I will spoil everything. Daniel is a really cute boy who was my best friend.  Then one day he admitted to me that he loves me since it wasn't reciprocal I was afraid to hurt so I ignored him for a long time. Then one day he convinced me to out with him and give him a chance and it was all reuined when his girlfriend showed up and said: love haven't broken her heart yet. And from this moment I didn't approach a boy and decided to come to Buenos Aires.
Fran: wow vilu you have suffered alot.
Cami: but you should talk to leon to tell him you can't keep the secret for long.
Vilu: but not now lets pretend he is my cousin please I don't want to hurt leon.
Cami: fine.
*leon knocks on the door and asks if he can enter. Vilu answer:
Yes sure come in.
Leon: so vilu who is daniel??
Vilu: he is my cousin.
Leon: so why did you cry??
Vilu: because ... it reminded me that he is very sick in the hospital.
Leon: I am soo sorry vilu. I hope you cousin gets better.
Vilu: thanks leon.
*they hug and leon leaves the room.
Vilu: I should be careful from one lie we can create a million I hope he will not be angry when I will tell him the truth.
Fran: hopefully
Cami: but vilu don't take long. Tell him as soon as possible.*leon enters
Leon: what do you want tell me. Sorry I came to get my jacket.
*Then someone enters the room and jumps on vilu and embraces her hard.
??: I am here my love.
*leon is shocked that they are soo close he calls her "my love♥".vilu didn't know what to do. Instead she presented him.
Vilu: hey Daniel. Guys this is Daniel. Daniel this is leon , fran and cami.
Daniel: nice to meet you all. So vilu how do you feel? I have been worried alot about you and I wanted you to know that I love you and I came to you to get you back. I want us to get back together ! Now you have no excuse. We aren't far and I would even live here to be with you vilu. Please agree I love you alot.
*leon grabs his jacket and runs away.
Leon: your cousin yeah? Just forget about me and go have fun wih your "cousin". We are over. Now leave me alone you are making me suffer.*vilu tries to get out of her bed but the nurses don't let her move and she demands that they take Daniel out.
Vilu: daniel for once understand that I am not interested. Now you blew up my relationship with leon the person I really love. Are you proud of yourself. You are such a...
Daniel: an irresistible person.
Vilu: no an idiot.*I am soo angry I could crash the hospital to go join leon. I call him 10 times he never answers. Is it really the end of leonetta? But even though he will say that I will never give up in him because he is not just my boyfriend he is my first kiss and my first love I would fight for him forever. I love him soo much and I can't live without him . I keep seeing this moment were he say we are over and I can't stop crying.
Leon...I love you.

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