chapter 34- New York

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Leon:why are you doing this!!!
Vilu: so now you come running after me!
Leon: look even though we are not together I still love you as a friend.
Vilu: but I have friends and I don't one you to be one of my 'friends'.
Leon: but please at least don't leave to new york.
Vilu: leon why do you even care???
Leon: please vilu!!!! I came all the way from Mexico to come and see you!!!
Vilu: leon can you stop messing with me! You shouldn't be running after me! I didn't even tell you to come! So its not my problem if you decided that! Just stop hurting me . It already very hard for me to leave Buenos Aires and move on.
Leon: please don't go!!
*he holds me hands. Our hands leave apart in slow motion and I head to the check in.
When I finish I sit in the plane and start listening to music. After 3 hours or so, I arrive to new york. Then my phone rings.
Fran: hey vilu ! where are you?
Vilu: well I am in New York. Do you need anything.
Fran: what?????
Vilu: yessss. I took a job there.
Fran: vilu! What about your life here!!! IN BUENOS AIRES! !!!
Vilu:its exactly why I left, to never step again this disastrous city! When I first was born there I though it was a magical city, but now it hunts my dreams turing them into nightmares. Now this city is the place where I suffered, was abandoned, and most importantly lost leo..n. ahh!! I can't even pronounce his name. Leo..n for me has become a stranger I never meet. I regret I have meet him and I just want to escape from everything that would link to him.
Fran: I am speechless vilu. Well its your life after all. But I promise you I will come visit. By the way what about the studio?
Vilu: I abandoned it too.
Fran: I am so sorry you have to live this! Well I need to go. Talk to you later.
Vilu pov.
I am so stupid! I didn't think of buying an apartment before coming. What am I gonna do. I enter time square and observe the buildings and the streets that have perfect engineering. Later I notice tour buses all around the place and tourists walking around holding their map upside-down lost in this crowded city. I search and look for any available apartment but find none. I just walk alone in the streets of New York wondering why I am here while I could be under my bed sheets cuddling my teddy bear in my big penthouse. I just feel that there is nothing I can do.
My body was as powerless as a leaf. My legs were strembling from the cold, my lips all swollen and dry. My hands not moving like an ice block. My eyes closing bit by bit. I just fold myself together as a folded paper and sat in a small corner under the rain and fell in a deep deeeeepppp nap...

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