chapter 24- The damaged boat

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Leon: then what do we do???
Vilu: well we could take these two small boats and sail to the shore. Girls in one and boys in the other. *I points on two wooden boats containing life jackets.
Leon: great idea let's go!!! Come here boys.
Vilu: come on girls hop on!!
Daniel pov.
I enter the boat and damage the engine while the others were busy talking so that leon gets in danger!! Mwahhhhaha!! Hehehe!! He is so doumed. Foreverrrrr!!!!
Vilu pov.
Fran cami stephie ludmila and I hop on one. And leon fede diego and daniel hop on another.
Daniel pov.
Oh nooooo the girls went on the dangerous boat while the boys and LEOOONNNNNNN went on the other boat. What a disaster!! I don't want to kill vilu!! Or harm her.
Daniel: hey this boat is small let's switch boys in the other and girls here.
Everyone: ok no problem.
Daniel pov.
Offff!! Thanks god !!! Now we will say goodbye to leon forever. In this way leon will be completely eliminated forever. Yey! And I will have Vilu for my own.
Now I need to find an excuse to go with the girls.
Daniel: oh !! We are still squeezed. I will go with the girls if you guys don't mind.
Everyone: we don't mind. Do whatever you want.
Daniel pov.
Yey!! My plan is going on perfectly!! Now I need to be careful nothing will ruin it. First, I was the one to drive the girls boat not the professional guide since i knew how to drive so I drove far from the boys.
Vilu: nice ride.
Fran: woooohoooo!!!
Cami: it is so fun!!
Ludmila: yey!!
Leon pov.
We were sailing suddenly, the boat started sinking!!! I call vilu.
Daniel pov.
Vilu's phone rings. It is leon. I directly throw it in the water without anyone noticing. Later fran's phone rings!! I do the same until all the phones were in water!! But no one even notices !! What a luck!! But in the end I will have to buy all of them new phones. But vilu is worth the effort. I will never give up on her.
Vilu pov.
After a while I see the boys boat sinking far away!!!! What happened!!! The boys are all drowning! !!!!!!! I can't look knowing Leon and my friends are suffering in this moment !!! What happened???? But we were so far. What should I doooooo??? I am soooooo afraid!! Help me please!! I want to rescue my love!!! How can I get there?? They are sooo far and the water is so deep so it will take forever to arrive there. Plus, Daniel suddenly fainted and no one knows how to drive it! I am desperate!!!!!
Daniel pov.
I acted as if I fainted to leave vilu no option in rescuing leon!!!

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