chapter 10- The decision

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Vilu: I decide not to do the surgery so I will not risk dying now and I will live for 1 year.
Leon: vilu, you can't do this to me. If you decided to die it is not fair for me. I love you and I can't live without you. You can't do this to me.
Vilu : isn't it better than traveling and leaving you behind.
Leon: you should do the operation and I assure you it will work. Our love can wait . The most important thing now is you health. I love and I will always be at your side vilu.
Vilu: but I will miss you.
Leon: it is for the best.
Leon: good night my love
*I hang up. My dad enter my hospital room.
German: vilu it is your decision and I know you will take the right one. Take you time.
Vilu: thanks for supporting me dad. I really need this.
* then someone knocks the door. I wonder who.
??: hi vilu. Leon told is what happened to you and we can to check on you.
*fran and cami came to see me . They are some friends I meet in the studio and they are always there for me.
Vilu: thanks for coming.
Fran: no problem .
Cami: how do you feel .better??
Vilu: the problem is I have to take a decision and to risk my life. It is so hard.
Fran and cami: I think you should the surgery. Or not.
Vilu: don't fight you are not helping. I have to take this decision not you guys. Thanks for your help anyways.
Cami:oh sorry we are so selfish
Fran: excuse us. How can we help you.
Vilu: girls your presence is enough but I hope leon comes for a visit I miss him.
Fran:ahh you to form a cute couple.
Cami: yeah I wish I had a boyfriend like him.
Vilu: I am soo lucky to have him. He loves me and take care of me and sees things in me I didn't even notice. He is the perfect boyfriend. I love him so much that every second without him feels like eternity.*I feel a soft hand touching my shoulder I look up and see a beautiful face with hazel dreamy eyes looking at me and a bright smile. LEON.
Leon: I love you too vilu and I will always love you even though we break up.
Vilu: you mean you are going to break up with me.
Leon: no but you know love is complicated and we should always listen to our heart to find destiny.
Vilu:I will miss you so much when I will leave. I will never stop thinking about you I promise.
Leon: so you took your decision? You know I am happy because you will get held but sad because you will be far from me.
Vilu: like you said 'our love can wait the most important is my health'.
Then someone knocks on the door. Leon opens a man handles him a flower bouquet and a letter attached to it. He read it out loud.
Leon: get well soon. I love you vilu.  Sorry I am far but imagine I am at your side. Visiting you soon.
Xoxo, Daniel.
Leon: *with an angry face. Who is daniel vilu???

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