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Hey guys,

May the jolly seasonbring you the

giftsof love ❤, joy, peace,and

forgiveness . May the Holy Child be born

in your ❤❤ and bless you. Merry

Christmas for all who

celebrate it!!!!!

And I wanted also to ask you guys some

questions about my story:

First of all, I would like to thank you for

everything. Your support is very

essential to me and you guys showed me

the beauty of writing. I loved it since I

can control the events of the story in

expressive words and you guys can read

and enjoy them. Thanks so much for the

all the votes, views and comments.

Words can't describe how much I am


1) Do you like my story? Is there any suggestions or changes you would like to do? What would you like to happen next?

2) Are you guys understanding the story? Do I write in a good way or I need to change it?

3) Do you think when I finish this story I need to do a sequel? Or I do a complete different story?

Thanks alot
Write in the comments what you think.
Stay tuned for ch. 24!!!!
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