chapter 20- The Video

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Leon: no wait I need to show it to you.
Vilu: I don't care Leon!
Leon: but I do ok!! Come with me I left it in my hotel.
* he holds my hands and takes me to the hotel.
Stephie pov
I need to be there before them to take the paper. So I took a cab and headed to his hotel room. I arrived there. Good I have the keys since we are staying in the same room so I deduced he had put the note in his wallet so I took it. Then vilu and Leon enters.
Leon: ok *he started to look for it*
I put it in my wallet wait a sec. You are gonna see that I am not a lier. I love you and I am gonna prove it. I can't believe it! My wallet is gone.
Vilu: yeah and the message I sent you too!! Bye leon. *she leaves.
Leon: I have lost my wallet! I have a lot of photos and stuff in it I need to find it. It really hurts that she doesn't believe me.
Stephie: yeah. Well don't worry I will help you!
Leon: I am sorry steph, but I better search for it alone. Sorry! :(
Stephie: its okay well bye*she leaves.
Leon pov
I am not finding that wallet!!! How could I lose it I need to prove to vilu that it was a trick. Then the door knocks.
Daniel: hey I was wondering if this wallet was yours I found it in vilu's hospital room.
Leon: thanks alot!!*finally! now I can show it to vilu!
*he leaves
I went to vilu.
Leon: okay vilu. I found my wallet I am gonna show you the truth.* I look in my wallet no sign of the message!! Where did it disappear to?? I have such bad luck
Vilu: I don't want to wast my time with you so bye.*she leaves.
Leon pov.
I am desperate. I want her back and I will always fight for our love because we are meant to be forever. Till the end. Have a future together. A family. And share love. I went to the hotel and found a video tape I accidentally brought with me. I wonder what it is! Oh yeah I remember it , it is just some old memory. But I just couldn't think about something else than vilu. I don't want her to be mad at me. I love her a lot and I can't spend any second without her. Then I went to have a shower.
Vilu pov.
I wanted to talk to leon so I went to his hotel. His door was open so I entered.
I heard the water splashing so I knew he was bathing so I waited for him. Then I saw a video tape titled ' worst memory' So I decide to watch it.

Video tape.
Leon's parents filming
The story behind the tape:
Teenage leon was in love with vilu and vilu didn't even know him. On prom, vilu's date got late and she became very sad and started crying .
The video:
So his parents incouraged him to take her with him. He wore a black suit and got some flowers. When he arrived , vilu's date was already their and vilu was so happy and she went with her best friend to the prom without noticing leon. So leon returned very sad to his house.
End of tape.
Then leon exited the bathroom and sees the end of the video and vilu who is very touched.
Vilu: you really did this !!!!
Leon: well yes I already loved you since highschool but you never noticed me.
Vilu: I am so sorry. I want to be with you forever... I love you leon♥♥♥♥♥♥
* he pressed his lips againt mine.
I kissed him back.
It was an endless kiss of an endless love.
That lasted forever.

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