chapter 32- All messed up

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Hey guys, in this chapter I tried to evaluate my language. Hope you like the change.
Vilu pov.
I directly broke out of the church.I was so outraged and perturbed Fran had done this! She literally kissed him. She frankly settled her lips on his! I couldn't assume it. I feel disgusted. I can't imagine she brushed his lips against hers! I sense heavy-hearted. My heart was literally demolished entirely.'' Him with her'' wasn't fitting in my mind. They were so disimilar. Unfortunately, leon has thrown the wjolwt book of our relationship down the hill. Well I guess for him it was just a page. Even though I couldn't but I should comprehend this.
The fact he moved on just didn't digest completely inside of me . Our relationship was like an ON and OFF relationship. We were OFF . I deduced we would be ON again one day. But I guess I was incorrect. I feel like a poor slave to my master called life! I feel not capable to move a single wing. I feel like put under lock and key. I feel like a whiffy(smelly) rat on the streets of New York. I feel like an incapable little little person. I feel the WORLD have brought me to knees. I feel helpless!
Then I notice a soft hand caressing my back. I give ears to a regognizible call. I smell a familiar pleasant vanilla aroma. I branch around and take sight of a clear face with chestnut copper eyes and cocoa cushy hair a miniature person could live in it in winter season.
Leon: I am so sorry for causing your disappearance. I wish I didn't harm you in any way.
Vilu: I hope to not negociate about this. You hurt me enough. I just don't want the scare on my heart to grow deeper. Goodbye.

I left. I couldn't tolerate being in this position. I just couldn't. And a single word won't heal a heart that was smashed really hard until it turned into useless dust.

In the church
Paolo: no.... mom kissed dad * he pointed each of his parents.
Joseph: then I have nothing to do over here. *he leaved and grabs Leon with his blazer and swipe him on the floor while making a disturbing sound to the exit passage.
Fran pov.
I guess Vilu is pretty upset but after the departure of the Vargas family my mother started sheedding tears that would fill an entire swimming pool.
She was desperately spilling all her cheerlessness on me. I started petting her and consolated her gently. So I made up my mind to return home with her.
Vilu pov.
I left my house to get some garden-fresh air.
I walked in a magical piece of land where birds were caroling wonderful melodies. Flowers waking up and stretching out their body while uncovering their beautiful petals. The grass dancing with the smooth breeze that was meeting my skin. And most importantly the sun smiling and opening her hands while spreading light. All of a sudden, I catch a discussion.
??: h..e...y I w..a..s j..ust calling you to say that our date was wonderful tonight I hope we do it again.
The voice transformed clearer and clearer until I collided into someone...
Try to guess who that someone is!
I hope you enjoyed the chapter♥
Tell me if you appreciate my new way of writing or not.
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