chapter 33- Clearing things up

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It's daniel. He hangs up the phone and look at me with his staring wide green eyes.
Daniel:where you spying on me vilu?
Vilu:spying ... no!! I was just curious to know who are you talking too!
Daniel: well it's Stephie my girlfriend got any problem with that??
Vilu: well I don't wanna interfere in your life but...
Daniel: then don't! !
*I exit and walk far away. He has changed back to being bad. What happened? Well the most weird thing is that he is with stephie!! I never saw that coming!!! DANIEL AND STEPHIE! I don't think they have a cute ship name. Is it DANEPHIE! or STENIEL! whatever ! I am still very hurt of the fact than Fran Kissed with a huge ''K'' leon!!!!! I am so desperate.
Daniel pov.
She looked kinda jealous! ! My plan is totally working let's go to phase 2!! hahahahah!!
With this plan leon, completely eleminated!! *he maked a slash sign with his hands (/).
Leon pov.
The wedding was a bust! Vilu is sad. My dad is angry. And the wedding didn't even happen. So all the preparation were for granted. Plus, I didn't have the chance to get to know Ella better. I just love this girl. She would have been perfect for me. But it seemed we weren't meant to be. I wanted to go talk to Fran about our kiss. I don't want her to get any ideas. Me and her is not gonna work.
Leon*knocks on the hotel door*:hey fran! Its leon!
Fran:hey! Come in!
Leon:look I know we kind of kissed. But it is not gonna happen. First we both don't wanna hurt Vilu. Second our parents are in a fight. And we live in different countries. Last but most importantly, I just don't feel that way about you!
Fran: yeah your right!
Leon: so its clear between us!
Fran:sure!!*I come close to him and in roll him tight in my arms.
Then vilu enters the room.
Vilu:hey leon. I wanted to...
Leon: oh hey Violetta!
Vilu: sorry I need to go!
Vilu pov.
I directly ran to the airport and took the first flight back to Buenos Aires. I can't resist being with Leon. He always ends up in hurting me. I can't support this suffering anymore. Its enough!!! I enter my house and my dad greets me.
German: oh hey vilu!
I missed you sooooo much! Come her!!*he squeezes me very tight
Vilu: I missed you to dad but no need to kill me!*I said calmly.
German: okay! Well how was the trip
Vilu: ehhh.....*I just can't talk about this! I rushed very fast to my room and just bursted out my tears that would fill million of buckets. I stare at the photo of me and leon after our first kiss and remember our best moments. Then someone knocks on my door and enters.
Ludmila: hey girl! I just thought I might want to show you something. *she shows me a video recalling the ex girlfriends of leon. I see him kissing every one of them and my tears grow in bigger amount. My eye lids grew deep and were red as fire. My face was pail. My stomach was killing me I could just cut it in half. So I took a big decision. I decided to just escape from everything that would ever remind me of him. So I deduced to go live in New York alone and work in some fashion enterprise who suggested me the offer of the assistant manager recently. So I am gonna take it as fast as I can. I pack my stuff and leave. When I arrive to the airport I fell familiar hand touching my face and smell a pleasant aroma. What does he want now? And what is he even doing here !...

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