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If you happen to visit a certain city, you may happen to chance upon a certain building in the suburbs. If you decide to enter, and go up the stairs to the second floor, you will find a door that says: the GazettE Investigation Agency. Approved by the district police.

Inside, the atmosphere is less like a detective agency than it is a circus.

"Guys, stop shouting!" Kai yelled as the phone rang. Aoi was singing Momiji Manjuu at the top of his voice, Reita and Uruha were playing video games on the computer, and Ruki was eating very noisily.

Luckily, they all fell silent as Kai picked up the phone. "Good morning! The GazettE Investigation Agency at your service! How may we help you?"

The others held their breaths as the person on the other end spoke. Kai diligently took down notes, with the occassional "mhmm" and "I see."

After a minute or two, he said, "All right then, we'll be looking forward to your visit. See you soon!"

He turned to the others. "Guys, we have a job!"

"Woohoo!" Ruki cheered, jumping in front of Kai. "Who is it?"

"It sounded like a girl. There's a case she wants our help with. She said she'll come to the office and tell us more."

"When is she coming?" Aoi asked.

"An hour."

"That's not so bad..." Reita trailed off as he saw the condition of their office. The desk was overflowing with files and papers, the small kitchenette had dishes piled up, and the rest of the room was in a mess.

"Holy crap, we only have one hour to clean this up!" Ruki shrieked.

"I told you we should have cleaned it last week!" Uruha said, grabbing a broom from the storage cupboard. "Everyone, grab a cleaning tool. This. Is. War!"

And so, the five detectives took to cleaning their office like they were fighting a demon.

About halfway through the cleaning, Kai pulled out a t-shirt. It was a plain black one, free size, and very smelly.

"Drop everything!" He commanded the others. "Who owns this??" He demanded, holding the t-shirt up with a disgusted look on his face (A/N: can Kai really have that kind of expression? Lol).

Nobody spoke.

Finally Ruki broke the silence. "It's not mine. I'd never leave my clothes lying around the office."

Everyone had to agree. Ruki's section was the cleanest of them all.

"How do we find out who owns this?" Reita asked, taking a closer look at the t-shirt.

"Since it's free size, should we try it one by one?" Aoi suggested. "Whoever feels most used to it may just be the owner."

"Absolutely not," Uruha said firmly. "I refuse to try that on. It stinks!"

"So what should we do?" Kai asked.

"Fingerprints!" Ruki said suddenly. "There should be someone's fingerprints all over the thing."

"You're right!" Uruha agreed. "We all have our prints on the database. We can just match the prints on the t-shirt with the ones up there."

Aoi pulled out the equipment, and took prints from various places on the t-shirt.

Reita checked the database. "Okay, so one of the prints found on the sleeve was Kai's. That makes sense, because he found it.

"But there's another set of prints right in the middle, and..."

"Uh, guys? I just remembered something..." Ruki said nervously.

"...and the prints are Ruki's," Reita finished, surprised.

"Ruki..." Kai turned to glare at the chibi.

"That's what I just remembered, it's from when we all spent the night in the office..."

"Clean this up, now!!"

"Hai, hai..." Ruki mumbled, taking the t-shirt to the sink.

"Not in the office!" Uruha protested.

"And whose is this??" Kai demanded, pulling out a smelly sock.

"Oh, shoot, that's mine!" Aoi hastily grabbed it from Kai.

"What's my cup doing here?" Uruha asked, only just noticing the dirty cups in the sink.

"So that's where my bike helmet was!" Reita pulled it out from under a heap of books.

"Jeez..." Kai groaned. "Some detectives we are. We can't even keep our own office clean, how do we handle clients..?"

He trailed off as he saw the client who'd called, standing in the doorway. Everyone turned to see who Kai was looking at, and froze.

The woman looked at them for a a moment, and started giggling. "It looks like you're a little busy. I'll come back later."

"N-no, not really," Ruki said, hiding the dirty t-shirt behind his back.

"I think I like you detectives already."

She smiled and left, leaving behind five very confused, dazed, and smelly detectives.

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