A Chibi's Feelings Pt. 2 (Ruki x Reader)

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"Stupid chibi," you mumbled, cuddling close to him. You used it more as a term of affection, now that you and Ruki were dating.

He was fast asleep on the sofa, the two of you having just finished watching a movie. His hair was still slightly styled from before, so it added to his height a little, but you obviously wouldn't admit it.

Ruki mumbled in his sleep, and his hand found yours. Holding it, he leaned onto your shoulder, still sound asleep.

You moved closer to him, to figure out what he was saying.

"...fun...we were best friends...and now dating...friendship...still there? I don't...lose you as...my best friend..."

You didn't catch all of what he was saying, but understood what was happening anyway. Ruki seemed worried that dating you was affecting the friendship you'd had with him for years.

"Ruki, wake up," you said. You hated interrupting his naps, but you needed to talk to him about this.


"There's something I need to talk to you about."

And of course, you told him everything he'd said in his sleep.

Ruki turned red.

"D-did you really wonder if our friendship would get lost in our new relationship?" You asked uncertainly.

He nodded. "I didn't know how to handle it. I wanted to continue the crazy friendship we had, but I wasn't sure how us dating would change things."

You wrapped your arms around him. "I never thought for a second that our friendship was any less strong than before."


"Yes, chibi." You kissed him on the cheek. "You're my stupid chibi best friend, and the person I love the most."

He buried his face in your neck, and the two of you sat there, content with each other's touch.

Ruki whispered, "I love you too, my crazy chibi best friend."

Short, but I hope you like it!

~S :)

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