Love pt. 2 (Aoi x Reader)

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Since it's Aoi's birthday, I thought I'd write this. Also, I get miserable when any of my stories have sad here you go!


The machines continued to hum and beep as Aoi sat by your bedside. It had been a week since the accident.

There wasn't a day where he didn't wish he had answered your confession. If he had responded faster, he could have spent his birthday with you on a date, not in the hospital, where you were still unconscious.

"Hey, (Y/N)," he said softly. "I hope you wake up soon. I really wanted to spend today with you...but not like this. Not with you still unconscious."

He held your hand and sighed. The doctors had said your condition was stable, but your mind wasn't letting you wake up. "It's almost as if she's afraid of waking up," one doctor had said.

Visiting hours for the morning were almost over. "I'll be back in the evening," he whispered in your ear, and got up.

As he turned around to leave, a soft voice called out:


Aoi's heart nearly stopped. He turned around to see your eyes flutter open and look at him.

"(Y/N)..." Tears welled up in Aoi's eyes as he ran back to your bedside.

"Happy Birthday," you said softly. Somehow, your brain had kept track of the dates and you subconsciously knew it was his birthday today.

Aoi hugged you, tears of joy flowing down his cheeks. With the little strength you had, you hugged him back. "Thank you," you heard him say. "This is the best birthday gift ever."

He helped you settle back into the hospital bed. Tired, you closed your eyes and drifted into a long, peaceful sleep, as he kissed your forehead.

* * * *

A few hours later, Aoi was back. By then, you had woken up and were eating a little when he walked in.

Aoi kept your tray aside once you finished, and held your hand. "I'm sorry," he said slowly. "I should have responded to what you said's my fault you got in this mess."

"I-It's not your fault!" You said, trying to clear the misunderstanding. "I realized that someone like you couldn't have feelings for a nobody like me...I should have handled the situation more maturely."

Aoi's eyes widened. She ran away because she thought I didn't like her back? And she still believes this?

"(Y/N), I love you," he said suddenly.

Hugging you, he continued to speak. "Don't ever call yourself a nobody again, you are an amazing, wonderful and kind person, and I fell in love with you because of that. I didn't acknowledge my feelings until you confessed.

"I love you, (Y/N), I love you so much..."

You began to cry. You cried for ages, until you felt better. When you stopped, Aoi let go of you. He looked you in the eyes and said,"Will you do me the honour of becoming my girlfriend? Once you're discharged, anyways."

Throat to numb to speak, you nodded shyly.

"And once again, don't call yourself a nobody. You are too amazing and lovable for that. Always remember that I love you."

You thought of giving him a better birthday present, so the second he was done talking, you lightly kissed him on the lips.

"Happy birthday, Aoi-kun," you said again, "I love you too."

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