A Little Gift (Aoi x Reader)

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"Wake up, (Y/N)," Aoi cooed in your ear.

"What...no...let me sleep," you groaned, pulling the blankets over your head.

"Not happening," he chuckled. Suddenly, the blankets were yanked away from you, and Aoi pulled you onto his lap.

"You're meeting your friends today, remember?" He murmured, his lips brushing your ear. "And in the evening, I'm taking you out for dinner."

His lips moved to your jaw, then your neck. You were still too sleepy to move.

"Why do I have to meet them?" You mumbled.

"Because they're your middle school friends," Aoi reminded you. "I personally think they'll be quite amazed at how successful and amazing you are now. Not to mention, you're very beautiful."

"I'm not as beautiful as you say, Aoi," you laughed.

"Well, I thought you were the most beautiful girl in the world from the moment I saw you."

You laughed again and gave him a quick kiss before getting out of bed.

After getting dressed and eating breakfast, you kissed Aoi goodbye. He wanted to hold you a little longer, but would have to make do with what he had.

Truth be told, Aoi was a little possessive of you. He was a little worried that the boys from your old class would try to hit on you. He trusted you completely; he just didn't trust them.

* * * *

"(Y/N)! It's been so long!"

"Hi, everyone! It's great to see all of you after all these years!"

You hadn't been the most popular girl in school, but your class had liked you a lot. Everyone was always nice to you, and you'd had a few friends, and that was all you needed.

"Wow, (Y/N), you've become really pretty!" A guy said.

"Oh, um, t-thank y-you," you mumbled.

"Are you dating anyone?" He asked, moving closer to you.

"Y-yes, I-I've got a boyfriend," you said. Although you were stammering, you were perfectly ready to kick this guy if he tried hitting on you. You already had a boyfriend, that should be enough to make him back off!

Suddenly, the guy had a nervous look in his eyes. "Oh, well, anyway, I have to go. Bye!" He ran away.

"Hm? What was that all about?"

* * * *

This went on for the rest of the get-together. You reached home in the evening, feeling very confused.

"I'm back," you called.

"Welcome home, (Y/N)," Aoi said, walking into the hallway. He was dressed well, as always. "We leave in an hour, will that be enough time?"

"More than enough," you said, heading to the bathroom.

You got dressed quickly, and moved to the mirror to apply some makeup.

And that's when you saw it.

"Aoi, what the hell did you do!?" You yelled, slamming the bedroom door open.

"Hm? What's wrong?" Aoi asked innocently.

"You gave me a hickey!!" You yelled, pointing to your neck.

There it was, in full glory; you hadn't noticed it when getting dressed to meet your friends.

"Of course I did." He smiled.

"So that's why all the guys got so nervous," you mused.

"I'm sure they did," Aoi chuckled. "My little gift was there for the whole world to see."

Your face was bright red by this point. "Why did you-?"

"I know you can deal with people who flirt with you, but sometimes people don't know when to stop. I thought showing them something that indicates that you have a boyfriend already would help."

"I guess..."

You were still red in the face. Aoi smiled gently and kissed you on the cheek. "If you're not comfortable with it, I can help you cover it up."

"It's not that," you said. "Just tell me next time."

"Definitely. Wouldn't want to discover another little gift at an odd moment. And there will be more such gifts in the future." Aoi smirked.

"Aoi, what the hell!?"

But this time, you were laughing.

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