Family (Kai x Reader)

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Kai hadn't slept in two days. Currently, he was collapsed on the bed while you were at work.

A long time had passed since that day, when he took care of your injuries after that basketball match. Now, you had a successful career as a sports journalist, and both of you even made a family of your own.

A small coo made Kai look up.

His little daughter was holding on to the bars of the crib, standing up and looking at him.

He smiled sleepily. (D/N) was the second most beautiful girl he'd ever met, the most beautiful girl being you. He kind of regretted leaving you to take care of her alone, what with all the tours he'd gone on. Which was why he made sure to spend every minute of free time with his family.

Kai stood up groggily and walked towards the crib. He smiled at (D/N), who stared at him with wide eyes.

He wasn't sure if his own daughter knew him well, having been away for so long. But she didn't cry whenever he picked her up, so that counted for something.

The doctor had said that she could start talking any day now, and both you and Kai were hoping to be there at that moment, when (D/N) said her first word.

Kai guessed it would probably be "Mama" or something along those lines, because you'd spent more time with (D/N) than he did.

He picked his little girl up. "Hey, kiddo, do you know me? I'm your papa."

She gave him a toothy smile. Well, atleast his daughter recognised him.

Kai sat on the couch, (D/N) on his lap. "Try saying it. Pa-pa."

She cooed happily, not repeating the word.

"Come on, please? Papa's not always at home, and is really sorry for that. I want to make up for it..."


"Pa-pa. That shouldn't be so hard, right?"


"Pa-pa." Kai enjoyed the whole exchange anyway, because he rarely spent time at home anyway. He was thinking of taking you out to dinner soon, just the two of you.


"Ah, man, it smells! Did you poop in your nappy again??"

(D/N) smiled again.

"All right, let's get you changed."

While Kai was changing diapers, you returned home from work.

"I'm home," you called out, as Kai finished washing his hands.

"Welcome back," he said happily, giving you a kiss. "Are you free tomorrow night? I want to take you out to dinner, just the two of us."

Kai held you close to him, his face buried in your neck.

"Sure," you said lightly. "I can ask my mum to take care of (D/N), she'll be over the moon."

"I'm sorry I haven't been around so far. For you to be a mother and manage your career at the same time..."

"I managed, didn't I?" You pulled him into a kiss.

A coo made you both pull away. (D/N) was staring at you two, smiling again.

"I swear that smile is so creepy," you said, moving to your bedroom. "It's like she knows what's going on."

Kai laughed as he gently ruffled your hair a little. While you were in the bath, he played with (D/N) a little, before going to cook dinner.

But right before he left, and just after you walked into the room...


Kai turned around. No way...this can't be...


Tears formed in his eyes as he heard (D/N)'s first word. Burying his face in his hands, he knelt down, a little overcome by everything.

You ran to him. "Kai-"

He pulled you into his arms, and you could feel his tears on your shoulders. "Hey, it's okay..." you said softly. "It's okay..."

When he felt better, Kai looked at you, his eyes red. "Sorry."

"Don't be."

"No, I mean, I really don't deserve this. I hardly spend time with you or (D/N), and yet her first word is Papa..."

"I think you've done a great job as a father so far," you said. "I trust you...and so does she, I'm guessing."

(D/N) happily played on her own, not realizing that her parents were having a touching moment. She just knew that these two people made her happy, and that was all that mattered.

To all three of you, even if you didn't say it out aloud, family was what mattered.

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