Scary Game

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So I started watching the Youtube channel Dan and Phil Games, and I had the bright idea of watching their gameplay of scary video games at NIGHT. It's a miracle that I could sleep.

Anyway, I started wondering...what would happen if our Gaze-boys played a scary video game?


"Guys, look what I found!" Uruha said triumphantly, bursting into the game room.

"What is it now?" Aoi asked with a bored look.

"I found this at the flea market!" Uruha held out a video game.

The others moved closer to take a look.

"Scary Game: The Scariest Game Ever," Kai read out the title.

"Is it really that scary?" Ruki asked, getting nervous.

"Nah, I don't think so," Reita said. "If something is titled 'Scary', it's gonna be really stupid."

"Let's put it in the game system and play it!" Uruha said excitedly, grabbing cushions for everyone to sit on.

"For extra effect, I'll turn off the lights," Aoi suggested.

Everyone crowded around the game system as Uruha plugged it in. The screen showed nothing but a jet black background with the title of the game, and an option to start.

 The screen showed nothing but a jet black background with the title of the game, and an option to start

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"I'm having second thoughts about this..." Kai muttered.

"Nothing is going to happen," Reita said confidently. "I've played these kinds of games before, and they're just stupid."

"O-okay," Ruki said nervously as he picked up the controller and pressed PLAY.

The scene opened to an abandoned amusement park.

"What the hell?" Aoi said. "That looks like the place where we shot The Suicide Circus PV!"

"Ruki, try moving forward," Uruha suggested.

Ruki fiddled with the controls, and said, "I can't."

"What do you mean you can't?" Reita said. "Let me try."

But even he couldn't move.

"We really can't move anywhere. All we can do is duck or jump!"

"Whaaaaat?" Uruha yelped.

"That's kinda disturbing," Kai said.

Just then, a group of statues walked past.

"How can the statues move??" Ruki asked, alarmed.

"It's supposed to be a scary game," Aoi replied, "so logic goes right out of the window here."

"They're moving towards us!" Reita yelled, frantically pressing the controls.

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