Shy (Reita x Reader)

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"What's that?" Kai asked Uruha, looking at a notebook filled with writing.

"Oh, this? It's where I keep a track of (Y/N)'s and Reita's behaviour towards each other.

"(Y/N) mean that friend of yours from school? She lives in Tokyo now, right?"

"Yup. I've figured that (Y/N)-chan and Reita have liked each other since they were really small...but they're both really shy when it comes to matters like these, so I want to help them out."


"Yeah. There's just one problem...(Y/N)'s way too innocent for the way he acts around girls."

"He is kinda pervy like that," Kai laughed.

*  *  *  *

Reita cursed inwardly. This was not going as well as it should. He'd invited you for lunch, and the conversation was going really awkwardly. If he let loose, it would lead to horrible and perverted jokes, something he'd struggled to shelter you from ever since the two of you were in elementary school.

"S-so," he said, trying to sound relaxed, "what do you want to eat?"

"How about a salad to start with?" You suggested, having no idea what was going on. Reita had been your close friend for years, and while you would probably freak out if he was romantically interested in you, your strong friendship with him meant that you were rarely shy around him, if ever. Of course, that had increased in recent times because you had realized that you liked him a little.


"Reita-kun? Are you okay?" You looked up at him with those eyes. Those innocent eyes that drove him nuts. He had always loved looking at your eyes.

"Yeah...I'm f-f-fine..." If only you knew, (Y/N). If only you knew I loved you...

He was nervous, but also a little annoyed at the same time. He knew for  fact that his band-mates were sitting in the booth right behind him, trying to figure out what was going on with you two. This was all Uruha's idea: The lunch, the back-up plans, everything. "I'm gonna lose it," he mumbled under his breath.

"D-did something happen?" You asked.

Reita gulped, and decided it was now or never. He was too shy and terrified to say anything directly, so he had written it down on a paper. He pulled it out of his pocket, and tried being all cool when he gave it to you, but in reality, his hands were shaking and sweaty.

You looked at the paper, and blushed. Reita had written the most non-creepy thing he could ever have written:

Roses are red, violets are blue;

Your smile is like the sunshine after the gloom.

I'm freaking out while writing this, cause I didn't want to scare you:

But I've loved you forever, what about you?

Your face was bright red, as you whipped out a pen and scribbled something on the reverse side of the paper:

Roses are red, violets are blue;

I would never be who I am to day without you.

I'm probably as scared as you are, maybe more, too.

Maybe not since forever, but I've loved you too.

"Awwwwwwwwww," Uruha cooed, seeing you two walk out of the restaurant, hand in hand. "I guess they finally admitted it!"

"I have a question," Aoi said. "How do two shy people even confess? I didn't hear them say anything!"

"Ask Reita," Ruki said. "He's the expert."

"I hope he didn't do something perverted..."Kai trailed off anxiously.

They need not have worried at all.

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