Awesomeness (Reita x Reader)

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"Hey, where do I put this?" Reita asked, walking in with a large cardboard box.

You read the label. Shoes. "You can leave it in the hallway," you said. "It has my shoes in it."

You'd just moved into a new apartment, and your new neighbour, who also happened to be an old friend of yours, had volunteered to help you shift things around from the mover's truck.

It was nice working with Reita. He kept making jokes and witty comments as he passed by, providing a constant stream of entertainment.

"Heeeeeyy, look at me!" He said excitedly, walking into the apartment.

You turned around to see Reita holding three HUGE boxes. Two boxes said Books, while one said Clothes.

"I'm so awesome and strong!" He bragged, although you could see the strain on his face.

" might want to be careful with those," you began.

"Don't worry about me! I'm awesome, so I can definitely carry-"

He stepped on a stray napkin, and slipped.

You shut your eyes tight as Reita fell, throwing the contents of the boxes all over your apartment.

When you opened your eyes, Reita was flat on his back not far from where you were sitting. "Ow..." he groaned. "That hurt..."

"Are you okay?" You asked anxiously, moving towards your friend.

"Y-yeah, I'm good..."

He wasn't actually. He was pissed as hell. All he wanted to do was impress you and make you think he was awesome. Now his plans to try and convey how much he liked you had failed.

Damn, he thought. Impressing your crush is hard...

"What were you even trying to do?" You giggled, holding out a hand for him to grab. "C'mon, let's go put ice on your arm, it's going red...kinda like your face."

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