Tipsy Lovers (Aoi x Reader)

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"I win!" You cheered, still remarkably sober. You and Aoi both knew how to hold your alcohol pretty well.

The two of you had gone drinking together after a date, and you had soundly beaten him in a bet of who could drink the most shots in a minute.

"Okay, okay," he said. "What do you want?"

You giggled as the alcohol started to have an effect on you. "Let me kiss you where your lip piercing is when we get back."

Aoi had kissed you before, but he was very shy about you kissing him on his piercing. So, you suggested this bet in order to be able to do just that.

"Fine," he mumbled. He'd lost; he had no choice. And anyway, he had been thinking about overcoming his inhibitions about letting you kiss his piercing.

When you reached his flat, you settled down on the couch, and gave him a soft kiss on his lips. You could feel the cold metal of his piercing, and tasted the alcohol on his lips.

He kissed you back, holding you close to him. When you looked up, you saw his face was a little flushed from all that drinking. Yours was probably the same.

He smiled at you. "You look cute when you're drunk," he said.

"I'm not drunk!" You protested. "I'm just a little tipsy."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Want to stay the night?"

"Mhm," you mumbled, burying your face in his chest. You were quite comfy in his arms, and weren't planning on moving anytime soon.

All of a sudden, your stomach lurched. Clearly, the shots were threatening to leave you in a very unpleasant way.

"Aoi-kun..." you said softly.


"I think I'm gonna be sick..."

Aoi was very caring after that. Though slightly drunk himself, he got you to the toilet in time, and held your hair back as you puked. After that, he got you one of his shirts to wear, since your clothes were now soiled. He gave you some soup, and then cuddled with you on his bed.

He pressed his lips to the back of your neck. Again, you felt his piercing on your skin. It felt good.

Aoi seemed to be more affectionate when he was drunk. Of course, he was always affectionate to you, but he acted more so after a round or two of drinks.

The whole scene at this point felt perfect. Your mouth still felt odd, and there was still some alcohol on Aoi's breath...but it felt perfect.

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