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So I saw a tweet Ruki made yesterday about packing for the world tour...and I was would the guys pack for a tour, or any trip in general?

I kinda guessed it would probably be like this...

15 days before leaving...

Kai: Makes a list of everything he needs.

Ruki: Starts thinking of what to wear when not performing. Makes a list of that.

Aoi, Reita, Uruha: Haven't even thought about packing, forget making a list.

10 days before leaving...

Kai: Has bought everything he needs. Starts packing.

Ruki: Spends hours pulling out clothes and deciding if they can be worn.

Uruha: Might look at the calendar and decide to start packing the next day.

Aoi: Pulls out suitcase, and then goes out to eat, forgetting why he pulled the suitcase out.

Reita: Thinks about how to cover his nose in public in such a way that he doesn't look suspicious.

7 days before leaving...

Reita: Tries different ways to cover his nose. Looks suspicious anyway. Completely forgets about packing.

Kai: Has finished most of his packing already.

Uruha: Drinks a little to get his motivation up, and starts packing.

Aoi: Starts packing, then gets distracted by his fabulous reflection in the mirror, and by ice-cream.

Ruki: Changes his mind about the clothes he wants to take. Makes a new list.

5 days before leaving...

Uruha: Continues to pack, while drinking occassionally to keep his morale up.

Reita: Still tries to find non-suspicious ways to cover his nose, while packing some stuff in between.

Kai: Has finished packing...and it's quite neat too.

Aoi: Packs in front of the mirror. Tweets about random stuff in breaks.

Ruki: Starts putting clothes in his suitcase, then pulls them out and flops on the bed, losing all motivation.

3 days before leaving...

Reita: Settles for the usual flu mask and shades, and gets back to packing...then realizes that he's hardly done anything.

Kai: Reviewing his list to see if he's forgotten anything.

Uruha: Finishes packing and goes to sleep.

Aoi: Mostly done, decides to eat before finishing.

Ruki: Still low on motivation, but manages to throw some things in.

1 day before leaving...

Kai: Is chilling and cleaning up his place.

Uruha: Hoping there will be some good drinks on the tour, and wonders if he can get any back in his suitcase.

Ruki: Has made his packing ridiculously neat, but removes a few clothes he doesn't want.

Aoi: Forgot about the last bit of the packing.

Reita: Still packing.

The day they leave...

Uruha: Is relatively on time when he has to leave...probably.

Kai: Was an hour early.

Reita: Threw some things in the suitcase at the last minute, and ran.

Aoi: Finished his packing with a minute to spare.

Ruki: Was supposed to be half an hour early, but panicked because he forgot to put in some more clothes.

What do you guys think? What else would they be likely to do, or not do, when packing for a tour? Let me know in the comments! :)

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