Birthday (Ruki x Reader)

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"Heeey, wake up."


"C'mon, please?"

"No, it's too cold," your boyfriend Ruki grumbled. "I'm going back to sleep-"

"Happy birthday!" You practically threw yourself over the bed, almost squashing Ruki. "Now will you wake up?"

He groaned and laughed at the same time. "Seriously, I didn't give you the spare key to my apartment for you to ambush me!" He sat up and smiled, hair all over the place. "But thanks!"

"Go get dressed, you still have a meeting today." Pushing him towards the bathroom, you continued. "By the way, dress nicely. I'm picking you up after you're done. We're going out."

"Hey, isn't that the guy's line?" Ruki asked, still grinning.

"Quit being fussy," you muttered under your breath. "Call me when your meeting is over!"

*  *  *  *

After the meeting, you waited for Ruki in the car. He collapsed in the passenger seat, ready to fall asleep right then.

"Don't sleep yet," you told him. "I've planned out something really big!"

He yawned, struggling to stay awake until you reached your destination.

"Wait a minute...isn't this my apartment?" He asked.

"Wait outside until I call you," you told him. "Don't come in!"

So he waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally, he got impatient and pushed open the front door.

You were standing there, in the hallway lit by fairy lights, holding a small cake saying Happy Birthday.

"Happy Birthday," you said, blushing. You had spent the whole day decorating his apartment and baking the cake. "I love you," you whispered.

Ruki stood there, stunned. He didn't know what was more beautiful, the surprise his girlfriend had given him, or the love she held in her heart.

"Make a wish," you said shyly, indicating the candle on the cake.

Ruki took a deep breath.

I have everything I need. Music, friends, and love. I wish this wonderful moment never ends.

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