Not Drunk (Uruha x Reader)

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This one is super cliché and cheesy, but I hope you like it!


Your phone rang at 11 PM, just as you were about to go to bed. "Hello?" You said, picking up after three rings.

"Oh, (Y/N)-chan! It's Kai here," came the reply.

"Hey, Kai! What's up?" You and Kai were good friends, and you'd recently met up with his band, the GazettE.

"'s like this..." he sounded a little nervous. "We went drinking after rehearsals, and most of the others are badly drunk."

You giggled. This wasn't the first time you'd heard about it. "So, what can I do?" You asked.

"I've been able to either drop them to their own apartments or put them up at my place, but Uruha's home is really far off, so can you keep him at your apartment for the night?"

You nearly choked. Of all people it just had to be the guy you were crushing on.

"I promise he won't do anything stupid!" Kai said. "He's more drunk than the rest, but I think he'll be okay. Just one night? Please?" He begged.

"O-okay." This was bad. Very bad.

Ever since you'd met the GazettE, you'd had this massive crush on Uruha. Nobody knew, of course. But it was extremely awkward for you to be around him. He tried his best to be friendly, but you would just blush, stammer out an apology, and hide in a corner.

Alright, (Y/N), you thought, calm down. It's gonna be okay. He's completely drunk, he'll just fall asleep on the sofa, and leave in the morning. Everything is going to be fine.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. You opened the door, and the next thing you knew, a very tall someone had fallen drunkenly into your arms.

"(Y/N) are you okay??" You heard Kai ask anxiously, as you struggled not to fall. "I'm so sorry! Uruha convinced me he could walk just fine!"

"It's cool," you wheezed, trying not to fall. "I'll put him on the sofa as soon as I can. Can you just remove his shoes?"

Kai obliged. "Are you sure you'll be okay?" He asked.

"I'll be fine," you assured him. "Goodnight."

"See you, (Y/N)! I'll pick him up in the morning!"

With that, the door shut. Leaving you with your crush, who was so drunk he could barely stand on his own.

"Okay, let's get you on the sofa," you muttered, pulling him into the living room. It was a little dufficult, but you managed to make him lie down on the sofa, his head on top of a pillow.

"...I'm not drunk..." he mumbled.

"You're really drunk, Uruha, don't pretend otherwise," you said, trying not to smile. "Now, let's just make you more comfy..."

You tried removing his jacket, so that he wouldn't feel uncomfortable while sleeping, but he swatted your hands away. "What d'you think you're doing, strange lady?" He said, annoyed.

Oh. He doesn't know it's me. "Listen, I'm not a stranger, I-"

"I'm not drunk, so I'm not falling for your cheap tricks! I already like someone else, so there!"

At that moment, you heart felt like it would break into a billion pieces. There was obviously no way he'd like you. The two of you had hardly had a proper conversation until now.

Trying to hold back your tears, you put a blanket over him and turned away.

He murmured,"You may be a nice person, but my (Y/N)'s way nicer than you."

You stopped in your tracks.

"In fact, I'm gonna go to (Y/N) tomorrow and tell her I like her," he continued. "I'm too tired to go now, or else I would have. But I'll definitely go tomorrow. (Y/N)'s very shy, so I'll have to make sure I don't shock her when I tell her. But I'm definitely going to."

He didn't see the tears flowing freely down your cheeks as you cried with joy. He likes me too.

You turned, hugged him tightly, and ran to your room, shutting the door behind you.

He likes me too.

* * * *

The next morning...

Uruha groaned as he opened his eyes. Maybe he shouldn't have suggested the drinking party last night. I feel like crap.

He rubbed his eyes and opened them again. He was in an unfamiliar living room, sleeping on someone's sofa. That someone had given him a pillow and a blanket. His jacket was half-on, as though someone had tried to take it off.

He sat up cautiously. He couldn't recognise where he was. He looked around, and his eyes fell on a photo of a young woman.

Oh, damn...of all the people who could've seen me drunk, it just HAD to be (Y/N). I hope I wasn't too much of a bother...

"Good morning," a voice said.

Uruha turned to see you walking in with a steaming mug. "Morning," he mumbled.

"H-how are you feeling?"


"Here, t-this might help." You handed him the mug. "I-I looked up hangover remedies online, so h-hopefully this works."

He smiled. "Thanks." Taking a sip, he asked,"So (Y/N) did I get here?"

"Oh, um, Kai called, asking if I-I could keep you here for the night. Y-you were really drunk, I c-couldn't take off your jacket to make you m-more comfortable..."

Uruha groaned. "Okay, how much of an idiot was I?" He asked, bracing for the worst.

" didn't recognise me...and you said you were not drunk. Y-you also said you wouldn't fall for my cheap tricks...b-because you already had someone you liked.."

Uruha saw you turn red as you continued,"A-and then y-you said t-that today y-you would tell me you l-liked me...

"A-and I just want t-to say t-that I l-like you t-too..."

Uruha turned red. He could just imagine him not recognising you, thinking you were a stranger trying to seduce him, and confessing his feelings for you in the process.

He sighed. He would have to modify his plan a little bit.

"I guess I've been found out, huh?" He said. "I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble. Can I make it up to you with a date?"

You looked up.

"Um...whatever I said last night, I really meant it. I like you a would you go out with me?"

You smiled, still blushing. "As long as you're not drunk."

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