Pets (Ruki x Reader)

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Ruki's girlfriend, (Y/N), was a cheerful girl who worked at an animal shelter. She had been saving up for years for a dog of her own. Finally, she had enough money.

"Ruki, get here now!" She said excitedly over the phone.

"Why?" He asked.

"I finally got a dog of my own! Bring Koron over and I'll introduce you guys to my puppy!"

And so, Ruki and Koron arrived at her apartment, and rang the bell.

(Y/N) opened the door excitedly. "Oh good, you're here! Come in, my puppy's right here!"

The dog was huge. It was ten times bigger than Koron, and was covered all over with fur.

"That's a puppy??" Ruki asked, horrified. "That thing's huge!"

"Isn't she adorable?" (Y/N) said, her eyes shining. "She's so fluffy!"

"It's a she..?" Ruki was lost for words.

"Look! When you hug her, you can feel how fluffy she is!"

(Y/N) ran over to her dog and wrapped it in a big hug. She was so tiny, and her dog so big, that she practically sank into the fur.

Koron looked very nervous, just like his owner. Neither of them saw a puppy from any angle. That thing was a huge monster; it looked bigger than anyone else in the apartment at the time.

Koron very hesitantly sniffed the dog. She barked happily, sending sound vibrations all over the apartment.

Koron barked happily too, making Ruki smile a little. He didn't quite trust (Y/N)'s judgement at times, but like most people, trusted canine instincts.

He slowly moved forward, and patted the large dog.

"So soft..." he whispered.

"Isn't she?" (Y/N) said cheerfully. "It's like hugging you, only with fur."

Ruki laughed. She was right. It did feel like he was hugging her, which (technically) was something he was doing right then.

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