Quacking (Uruha x Reader)

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You woke up to hear a faint tapping. Looking around sleepily, you saw nothing, but then you heard it again. The faint tapping.

It must be a bird, you thought. I might as well get out of bed.

After dressing, you went towards the kitchen to make yourself breakfast, when you heard the tapping again. It seemed to be coming from outside.

Along with the taps, there was some strange sound...quacking?

Opening the door, you saw a tiny duck standing outside, quacking loudly.

"Awwww, you're such a cutie!" You squealed, picking it up. "You look a lot like my boyfriend, he has duck-lips, or so everyone says. I'm sure you'd love to meet him!"

The duck quacked indignantly, as though that was the last thing it wanted.

Cuddling the duck in your arms, you picked up your phone and dialled Uruha's number. It rang several times and reached his voicemail. "How odd," you mused. "He usually has his phone with him, and he never takes a bath in the morning."

The duck continued quacking. "Oh, you must be hungry," you said. "Let's go into the kitchen."

Setting the duck on the counter, you examines it closely. Next to one eye, it had four silver dots, and next to the other, there were five.

"Hm...that looks a lot like Uruha's piercings!"

The duck quacked as if to agree.

"You think so too? How cute! Unless..."

A horrible thought struck you.

"No way...you're Uruha?????"

The quacking resumed, as if your boyfriend, now a duck, was saying, now you get it.

"Ohmygosh, what happened?? How did you get turned into a duck?? When did this happen?"

Uruha quacked miserably.

"Hm...okay, I'll try to guess how and when it happened. If I'm right, quack once. Okay?"

Uruha quacked once, getting his hopes up.

"Okay...so did this happen early in the morning?"

Two quacks.

"Late last night?"

One quack.

"Alright. Did you drink something?"




"Makes sense, that's all you drink anyways."

Uruha quacked irritably.

"Okay, okay. So we know what happened. Maybe some crazy scientist put a drug by accident into your drink. That's how it happens on TV. Now, let's figure out how you got here. Was a window open at your apartment?"


"And you got here all by yourself in the middle of the night??"

"Quack." Uruha looked so miserable, even as a duck, that you tried to cheer him up.

"C'mon, Uruha, I'm sure we'll figure out what to do! First, let's get you something to eat."

You fed Uruha, and then filled up the bathtub for him to swim around. He had remarkable control over his flippers, and swam while you cheered him on.

"Should I tell your bandmates? They're probably looking for you."

Uruha let out a series of frightened quacks. He didn't want his bandmates to know! They would tease him for all eternity.

Uruha spent the day in your apartment, alternating between swimming and eating.

Finally, at night, you changed into your nightclothes (leaving Uruha outside at that time, of course), and picked up your ducky boyfriend. "You can spend the night in my bed," you told him, "atleast until we figure out a solution."

Uruha quacked happily. He tried moving his head forward to give you a ducky kiss, but he was so tiny that he couldn't reach your lips. You sensed what he wanted to do, and leaned in to give him a quick kiss on his beak. "Duck or not, I still love you," you said.

He quacked, as if to say I love you too.

You tucked him into bed, as you got in beside him. "Goodnight, Uruha," you whispered, kissing his downy forehead.

* * * *

The next morning, you woke up to see the little duck missing, but in his place was your obviously relieved boyfriend...half naked.


You almost fell out of bed in fright, but Uruha caught you. "Hey, go easy on my ears, babe. It's only eight a.m."

"W-w-what j-just-"

"Somehow, I got back to normal last night, after we fell asleep," he explained. "I don't know how it happened, but believe me, I'm not complaining. It's annoying being a duck."


"Whatever I was wearing before I became a duck somehow stayed, so that's why I'm wearing only my jeans."

"I-I s-see."

"Thanks for yesterday." Uruha hugged you tightly. "I don't know what I would have done without you. I owe you big time."

You hugged him back, happy that your boyfriend was back to normal. "You're welcome. Just be careful what you drink next time."

"I love you, (Y/N)."

"I love you too, little ducky."

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