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Naughty Gazetto!  by vkeiwonderland
Naughty Gazetto! by DOMI
Smut in its purest form featuring the members of sexy visual kei band, the gazette. (*^▽^*) All stories are written by me, I also accept requests via pm, no commenting p...
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the GazettE One Shots - X Reader Scenarios by Reila-san
the GazettE One Shots - X Reader S...by Shuu Shopping
Because this band is adorable yet deadly to the ovaries of many women, why not make those women suffer even more? Just a series of shortish scenarios (including a bit of...
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The Osiria Rose [The GazettE fanfiction] by bambicado
The Osiria Rose [The GazettE fanfi...by yumi
Aizawa Natsumi is more or less a workaholic who one day has to face her biggest fear in life, the past, when she gets a joboffer she cannot refuse. Her everyday life bec...
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Love for Lease ( the GazettE Series ) by GUILTY_
Love for Lease ( the GazettE Serie...by GUILTY_
The bassist of an aspiring rock band and manwhore, Reita Suzuki needed a place in Tokyo. After a few search in the internet, he finally found a place. It says that &quo...
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Love By Chance ( aoiha love Story) by 07johtill-9889
Love By Chance ( aoiha love Story)by うるるき
Aoi acidantly starts falling for a person that he only met twice.
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GazettE One-shots by cha_O_s
GazettE One-shotsby Asa
Short, fluffy stories with the Gazeboys.
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Danger (AoixUruha Fanfiction) Boyxboy by M_O_R_R_I_G_A_N
Danger (AoixUruha Fanfiction) Boyx...by Morrigan's crow
When Takashima Kouyou, a well known photographer, painter and writter meets this stranger at the streets, his whole life takes a turn. Kouyou get's involve in the type o...
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the GazettE Members x Reader One-shots [Under editing] by bittersweetqu33n
the GazettE Members x Reader One-s...by Cymbline✨
[undergoing editing] [I take requests] Konnichiwa! So this is basically a collection of the GazettE Members x Reader one-shots. And just a note, I usually write whatever...
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Yeux D'Orage by Kai_Yutaka
Yeux D'Orageby Coelum Ultimum
Me desvanecí como el agua del mar en un día caluroso, me elevé por los cielos y nadé dentro del mar de mi inconciencia, luego caí, descendí como las gotas de lluvia sien...
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Game Over by filthandbeauty
Game Overby filthandbeauty
One by one, citizens from all over the country have been disappearing. Not a single person has yet to be found. Aoi has just recently proposed to Uruha, who both live ha...
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Monster by O_M_I_N_O_U_S
Monsterby CHS 2019
Death is like a cold, gray shroud. It lays heavy on my shoulders, and wraps me in its comfortless embrace. It brings end to the innocent, And pride to the evil. I live...
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GazettE One Shots Book 2 by cha_O_s
GazettE One Shots Book 2by Asa
As promised, here's Book 2!! NOW TAKING REQUESTS
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PINK SPIDER by VanaLowin
Ninguno de ellos pudo anticiparlo, incluso aquellos que sabían un poco más que los demás no hubieran podido hacer algo al respecto, de cada uno de ellos pendía un hilo...
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Dark Desire (a the GazettE story) by SSakura_
Dark Desire (a the GazettE story)by SSakura Marina Ishikawa
He was a cold-hearted person and he never cared about anyone than himself. But then when he meets her everything changes. She's the only person that can sooth his froze...
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Our Secret by AkiraSYuu
Our Secretby Akira Yuu
Takashima Kouyou tiene un problema que no puede resolver, confía en Yuu para ayudarlo. Uruha no siempre rechazó las muestras de cariño de Aoi en los conciertos. AoixUruha
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GazeWould You Rather by xibitsux
GazeWould You Ratherby — SHOOT OUT
the GazettE version of Would You Rather! [DISCLAIMER]: This is just for fun, so it's best not to take it seriously. If you aren't into this type of stuff then don't rea...
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What Have You Done?  [The GazettE Fanfic] (ROUGH DRAFT!) by MakeItOnYourOwn
What Have You Done? [The GazettE...by MakeItOnYourOwn
( ROUGH DRAFT!!! Lol sorry I made this story in 7th grade. I want to make it better) Carly moves in with her best friend Misa. Who is also best friends with the most pop...
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Empty (boy x boy) by ceaseBreathing
Empty (boy x boy)by Gamzee Strider
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Bitten By Love by cha_O_s
Bitten By Loveby Asa
Akiko was content. She had a peaceful life in town, a small café of her own, and a supportive group of family and friends. But one day, a certain rockstar vampire happen...
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the GazettE Group Chat!  by TheLittleGazettee
the GazettE Group Chat! by TheLittleGazettee
Find yourself in a fit of laughter as this is sure to please ya!
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