Knight in Smiling Armor (Kai x Reader)

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there existed a great castle. The daughter of the lord of the castle was a little girl named (Y/N). Her mother had died when she was an infant and her father was busy with work, so she found herself alone most of the time.

When (Y/N) was four years old, a little boy was adopted by the castle's head night. The boy was a year older than her, and his name was Kai.

Somehow, Kai and (Y/N) started playing together, and soon became firm friends. They played pranks on the maids, stole food from the kitchens, and learned to ride horses together.

One day, the children were sitting under a tree, when Kai said, "(Y/N), I'm going to grow up and be a knight!"

"A knight?" The girl asked uncertainly.

"Yes! I'll become strong, and help Papa and Lord (L/N) protect the castle! And that way, I can protect you!"

The little girl blushed. Kai was her hero, and she wanted only the best for him.

"Okay!" She said happily. "While you become stronger, I'll become stronger too! You won't have to protect the castle on your own, I'll help you!"

She hugged him as a smile formed on Kai's face.

The next month, Kai went to another castle to train as a knight. He was gone for eight years, and was to return just as (Y/N) turned seventeen. However, war broke out shortly before his return, and he was forced to fight in the war for two years.

Finally, one day, Kai returned to Lord (L/N)'s castle, older, wiser, and fond memories of his childhood friend. Somehow, during the separation, he'd fallen in love with her.

Lady (Y/N) saw Kai return as she was walking in the gardens. She knew he was coming back, but didn't know when. The only way she recognised him was because of the single dimple on his cheek.

"K-Kai?" She asked uncertainly.

"Y-yes, that's me," he said nervously. "I'm sorry, I don't know who you are-"

"Kai!" (Y/N) shrieked, running to him and throwing her arms around his neck. "It's me! (Y/N)!!"

Kai was stunned. His sweet childhood love had become a beautiful woman while he was away.

"You've grown!" She continued. "I remember how you were shorter than me when we were children!"

"Y-yes..." Kai was still reeling in shock.

"I'm going to ask Father if he can make you my personal bodyguard. He made me Lady of the castle a few years ago, and wants me to have a bodyguard. He'll be happy to see you back!"

*  *  *  *

Six months passed. Kai was now (Y/N)'s bodyguard, and was also training to become head knight after his adoptive father retired.

"Um, Lady (Y/N)-"

"Kai, we're friends," she said. "Just (Y/N) will do."

"Well, I was wondering...why did you want me to be your bodyguard?"

"Kai, I trust you more than anyone else. Also, this allows us to spend more time together, which wouldn't have been possible otherwise. Why wouldn't I make you my bodyguard?"

Another reason: (Y/N) was in love with Kai too...but society dictated she marry someone of her own status. She wanted to remain as close as possible to the one she loved before she was married off to goodness knew who and sent far away.

Oh, Kai, I wish I could be with you forever and ever...

One evening, there was a grand ball. Lady (Y/N) would be meeting many young men there, and they would shortly send courtship and marriage proposals.

(Y/N) complained to Kai the whole day before she went to dress. He sighed. If only he could tell her and her father how he truly felt...if only he was born higher...

(Y/N) hated the ball. She acted polite on the surface, but in reality, she wanted nothing better than to slap all these 'noblemen' and run away with Kai. She was relieved when it ended.

A week later, she was summoned to her father's study to discuss the proposals. "Now, there are three young men who have asked for your hand. I shall tell you a little bit about them, and then we can see where to take this."

She barely listened when Father was droning on about the first two suitors. When the third one came up, she sighed. "Who is it now?" She asked, disinterested.

"A commendable man, actually. He is trained in the art of warfare, is an excellent administrator, and has a cheerful disposition. I personally feel he will make a good husband for you."

Fear penetrated the girl's heart. "W-what is h-his name?"

"His name is Kai."

*  *  *  *

Kai was walking around in the gardens. He regretted sending a letter to Lord (L/N). Maybe he shouldn't have.

The next thing he knew, someone had thrown their arms around him, and was holding him so tight he thought he would explode.

"You should have told me sooner!"

"M-My Lady?" Kai stammered.

"I love you too, you fool!!" (Y/N) began to cry. "Father told me you sent a letter saying that you loved me for many years, and wished to be worthy of deserving my hand in marriage..."

Now that the initial shock had worn off, Kai felt like he was floating. He hadn't expected things to turn out this way.

"Father said he wants to talk to you later on. He says he wants to plan a grand wedding for us."

"T-then you a-accept my proposal?"


Kai smiled at the woman he loved, the one dimple showing on his cheek. He held her hand in his own and said,"I suppose I should meet my future father-in-law now, to work out the details."

"Not yet," she said, smiling back at him and moving in for a deep kiss.

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