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Just imagine if these guys were on a group chat. I wonder what they would talk about...*smiles slyly because I am Author-chan, after all*



10:00 PM

Kai created group chat "the GazettE".

Kai added Ruki.
Kai added Aoi.
Kai added Uruha.
Kai added Reita.

Kai: Ok, so I've made this group chat in case we need to quickly communicate with everyone else. It'll be easier than calling everyone individually for meetings and such.

Ruki: Thanks, Kai!

Reita: That's our Leader-san, alright!

Kai: Ehehe...thank you. Now, we need to avoid useless chatting on this group, we can't spam everyone for no reason.

Aoi: Hai, hai...

Uruha: Will do, Leader-san!

Ruki: Does designing stuff come under useless chatting?

Reita: I don't think so...

Kai: Nope, you can talk about that here.

Ruki: Yay!

Ruki: Then I shall tell you about the time I designed a collar for Koron.

Kai: Ruki, NO. Unless it's related to tour goods, you can't type it here. If you want, we can create another chat.

Aoi: We don't really need another one, you know. Let's just keep this for both professional and personal use, ok? We promise not to spam!


Kai: Okay.

Uruha: Great! Now, who wants to go drinking tomorrow?

Aoi: Me!

Reita: Me!

Ruki: Meeeee!

Kai: Ruki, Reita, you two can't handle alcohol and you know it. So please be careful. And yes, I'm coming too!

Uruha: After work, we'll have the time of our lives!

The next day...

10:00 PM

(Warning, speech may be messed up because they are drunk.)

Uruha: greeeeeat work guys!!!

Aoi: We shoulllllldd do this more oooften

Kai: Will the two of you please go offline. You're drunk as hell. Come to think of it, why am I still sober?

Ruki: Because youre the moooooommmyyy of the band!!!

Reita: Don't worry Kai, I'm still sober.

Kai: Reita, you're the best!!

Ruki: ooooooohhh, do we seeee a SHIIIIIP????

Aoi: Huh?

Uruha: Aaaaalll the fangirls are gonna be sooo happy if they see this!!

Kai: What the hell...


Ruki: OTP! OTP! OTP!

Reita: I knew we should have taken away their phones before we left the bar...

Ruki: Kaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii

Kai: Yes, Ruki?

Ruki: ...


Kai: Ruki, please go to sleep.

Ruki: Okayyyyy...

Aoi: I'm not sleepy, so I'mma stay up aaaaaaall night!!

Reita: No.

Uruha: Can we go for another drink?

Aoi: Yes!

Kai: NO.

Reita: Absolutely not.

Uruha: Pleeeeeeeee???

Reita: NO.

Uruha: Fine. Bye.

Aoi: Uru don't leave me!!

Kai: He's going to sleep. You should too.

Aoi: Nooooooooooo

Reita: Aoi, if you don't sleep right this minute, I'm stealing your bike keys!

Kai: Looks like that worked.

Reita: Although I'm surprised we're still sober.

The next day...

9.00 AM

Uruha: Does anyone have a remedy for a hangover??

Kai: I wish.

Aoi: Can we take the day off?

Ruki: It is our day off.

Reita: And thank goodness for that. We can't work if you guys have a hangover.

Uruha: Wait, how do you not have a hangover??

Reita: I didn't drink.

Kai: I drank a little, but I can't exactly get drunk if I have to deal with you lot.

Aoi: Gomen, Kai.

Ruki: By the way, what did we do when we were drunk? I'll check the previous messages...

Reita: Ruki, don't!

*Five minutes later, Ruki, Aoi, and Uruha hid themselves in their rooms out of embarrassment; Kai and Reita facepalmed*

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