GazettE Group Chat Pt. 2

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9:00 AM

Kai: Good Morning, guys! Today's another day of rehearsals!

Kai: Are you guys awake?

Ruki: Morning, Kai!

Uruha: Noooooooo...I'm sleepy.

Aoi: Can I skip out?

Kai: NO.

Reita: C'mon, Aoi. The sooner we start, the sooner we can finish.

11:00 PM

Kai: I sincerely hope none of you are drunk.

Reita: Haaaaaiiiiiii...

Kai: I spoke too soon.

Aoi: But Reita can't handle alcohol! Who slipped it to him??

Ruki: Meeeeeeeeeee

Uruha: Oh dear Lord, no. Now they're going to flirt with us all night.

Reita: Uruuuuuu my sweeeeeeetheart.

Uruha: What did I say?

Aoi: I'm not looking forward to this.

Ruki: i'm happy

Kai: What?

Ruki: I have the best band in the world. I WUV U GUYZZZ.

Aoi: As much as I appreciate the sentiment, will the two of you please put your phones away and sleep.

Kai: Do you really think they're going to do that?

3:00 AM

Kai: Finally! Took them long enough to stop.

Uruha: They really can't handle alcohol, huh.

Aoi: I highly recommend we start a new group chat and delete this one. I don't want anyone to screenshot what they typed. I have no intention of being traumatized for the rest of my life.

10:00 AM

"I am never drinking again," Ruki mumbled. "Never."

"That's what you said last time," Aoi said.

Reita muttered some choice words about alcohol under his breath as he sat down with his bass.

Luckily, rehearsals were so good that everyone forgot what had happened over the group chat. Atleast until lunchtime.

"I have decided," Reita said, "that I will live in a Himalayan cave."

"Huh? Why?" Uruha asked.

"Didn't you see those messages?? I can't show my face to the outside world ever again!!"

"Considering that we're the only ones who saw it, you're exaggerating," Kai said.

"But still," Ruki piped up, "it's not something I'd like to relive."

"Ruki, Reita, come here," Aoi said, opening his laptop.

"What the hell?!" Reita yelled. "What's that??"

"Fanfiction," Aoi said simply.

"B-but-" Ruki stuttered, "t-that's-"

"Woah, the fangirls even have a ship name for you two!" Kai said, peering at the screen.

"And therefore, you two have a choice," Uruha said. "You can choose to go easy on the alcohol next time, or we make you read these." He grinned evilly.

"Forget the Himalayas," Reita muttered. "I'm moving to Antartica."

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