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Azania stared at her phone. She just got a text from an unknown number. The guy said his name was DeAndre and he got her number from a friend. Only one word came to mind: Amber.

She really did not feel like replying but she did promise Amber that she would go on this last date for the sake of her sanity. Besides, it was a night out with some free food. Hopefully it will be something that she could laugh about later in life. With that in mind, she sent a reply.

Hi DeAndre, this is Azania.

Putting her phone down, she got ready to take a quick shower and curl up in bed with a good book. She had just gotten home from dinner with Amber and Brian, how depressing. She was truly happy for her friend but her friend’s happiness only shined the light on her own unhappiness, she was lonely.

She got into the shower and adjusted the temperature of the water to how she liked it. Usually she would wear a shower cap to avoid her hair getting wet but tonight she just wanted to feel the water running through her scalp all the way down to her toes. She would deal with the consequences later. Fifteen minutes later, she stepped out of the shower and wiped the steam from the mirror. Her reflection came into view. She lifted her hand and touched her now shrunken hair, she let her hands slide down to her full lips. Her eyes roamed the rest of her body and lingered on her 40DD breast…she always wished they were smaller. She grabbed the pudge on her stomach and let her hands travel to her waist. There was no coke bottle shape here, she did not have the thin waist that most people bragged about. She turned to the side and watched her butt. Just average. Not big, definitely not small, she had an average black woman’s butt. ‘No Miss Big Booty over here’ she thought with a smile. After her inspection was done, she oiled her skin, brushed her teeth and put her hair in a high bun. She walked into her room and put on some of her comfortable grandma pjs. They were far from cute or sexy but she loved them anyway. Besides, it was not like she had someone to look cute or sexy for.

Getting into bed, she saw a light flickering on her phone. She had a text. Unlocking her phone she saw she had a reply from the mysterious DeAndre. She might as well save his number if they are going to be texting. She opened the text and it read:

Azania Parker. I know who you are or at least I know what your name is. :)

“Great!’ she thought to herself. ‘He knows my name and surname. Now if he wanted to stalk me he could do so on Facebook, Instagram and every other social media that I was part of.' She needed to talk to Amber about giving out her credentials so freely. Giving out her name and number was bad enough.
“Ok what do I reply…” she said out loud.

I hope that you’re not some kind of stalker- she started typing but erased the message. She would play nice and keep her claws intact.

So is this something that you often do? Text strange women DeAndre…? she typed and hit the sent button. A few minutes later she got a reply.

DeAndre Morgan. My name is DeAndre Morgan. Do you usually go on blind dates with strange men?

She couldn’t help but smile at his reply. That was unexpected.

Azania: Touché Mr. Morgan.

DeAndre: Mr. Morgan? Why are we being so formal?

Azania: Well it’s not like I know you. All I know is your name and surname.

DeAndre: Don’t forget that you also know my number.

Azania: I don’t know your number. It’s not like I memorized it or anything.

DeAndre: Haha, you know that’s not what I mean Miss Parker.

Azania: I don’t know anything, like I said you are a stranger :)

DeAndre: Hopefully I won’t be a stranger for long…especially after we go on our blind date.

‘Don’t remind me’ she thought. The blind date was something she was definitely not looking forward to. She didn’t know what to respond without coming of as rude because if she really told him how she really felt about their blind date, she would definitely come across as rude. And so she settled for the best possible answer.

Azania: Only time will tell.


DeAndre was intrigued by the mysterious Miss Parker. Wait, how does he know that it is not Mrs. Parker? Anthwan would not set him up with some married person would he? Whatever, it’s not like he was looking for a relationship anyway. This was just something to drive his loneliness away. All he wanted was companionship. A few minutes later his phone vibrated. He had a text from Azania.

Azania: Only time will tell.

He glanced at the time and saw that it was almost 10pm. One thing that he did not want to do was come across as too eager. He has kept the lady up long enough.

DeAndre: So until time decides to reveal her secrets to us, we will wait on her. Boa noite senhorita Parker.

That just sounded poetic. He had no idea where it came from but it sounded like an appropriate response. Throw in the little bit of Portuguese that he knew and voila! Women loved this foreign language thing. He had even contemplated taking some French lessons back in the day because most women loved French speaking men. He tested the theory once when him and Ant were at the club. It was more a lounging area than a club, the music was not as loud as in the club and there was more place for sitting than dancing. They had memorized some lyrics from a French song. It was ladies night, which meant that women of every creed and color was present that night. They sat at a table and next to them were a group of women who looked like they were on a girls night out. After faking French accents and the exchange of a few French lyrics between him and Ant, the ladies were eating out of their hands and decided to join their party. The rest as they say was history. Now this occurred all before they hit the gym and turned into these big and buff men that people see today. Back then they were still scrawny twenty one year old college students.

His phone vibrated.

Azania: Boa noite senhor Morgan.

Yip, he was definitely intrigued. ‘Azania Parker. What an unusual name’ he thought. Sound exotic. He couldn’t help but wonder what she looked like but judging by Anthwan's track record, she would be some model like exotic looking beauty with long flowing hair. It’s usually the type that they both went for.

Switching of the t.v and the light, he got into his bed and tried to get comfortable. His blankets felt extra cold tonight. It has been a while since he had somebody in his bed. Make that a very long time. Over two years to be exact. It’s not that he did not have any offers, women were constantly throwing themselves at him especially when they found out who he was but he was done with these casual encounters with women who tried to use him for his money. He was tired of having random women in his house, women who knew more about the club and the latest celebrity gossip instead of how to run a business and a household and have a decent conversation. Commitment scared him though and he did not believe in love. Crazy right? He knows he sounded confused as hell and didn’t know what he wanted. One thing that he was sure of was he needed female companionship. Maybe he could have a female friend, someone to enjoy a night like tonight with no pressure, no expectations. Not even a friend with benefits, just a friend. Maybe that’s what Azania Parker could be to him.

When he glanced at the clock, it was after 11p.m. He closed his eyes and thought about the day that lied ahead tomorrow. Busy and exhausting because he was busy with a few big projects for international clients that he needed to finish. Luckily he did not have to wake up at the crack of dawn.


That’s a wrap. I swear these chapters feel much longer when I write them.

Ps: Anyone with 4C Natural Hair knows that the struggle is real, lol.

Azania in media.

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